Boys' Golf Tryouts

Dear Prospective Golf Team Member,

Welcome to the 2010 season of boys’ golf!  The home course this year for the Varsity is Diamond Run Golf Club.  The JV team will be playing at North Park Golf Course.

Physicals:  The PIAA requires only one physical exam for the school year.

8:00 AM UNTIL 12:00 NOON on JUNE 26, 2009 at Dr. Potter's office Genesis Medical Association, Inc., Northern Area Family Medicine, Pittsburgh office and Research Park, Building 3, 5700 Corporate Drive, Suite 700, Pittsburgh, PA  15237.   The cost is $30

You may use your own doctor, a Med Express Clinic, Etc.  If you get your physical with Dr. Potter, THE PHYSICAL FORM WILL BE COLLECTED AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE.   COACHES WILL RECEIVE A LIST FROM THE ATHLETIC OFFICE TO KNOW THAT YOU HAD YOUR PHYSICAL. You may also hand in your waiver forms to Mrs. McClure at this physical.

ALL PHYSICALS MUST BE TURNED IN TO THE ATHLETIC OFFICE BY AUGUST 9. All physicals for Fall sports must be done after June 1, 2010.

A parent/guardian must complete and sign two forms:  the Athletic Information Form (both front and back) and the white Physician’s Certificate.  Be sure to complete ALL signatures, front and back of both forms.  These forms can be downloaded from the Athletic web page.

IMPACT Testing: All student-athletes will be required to take the IMPACT Concussion test in the presence of one of our certified athletic trainers. 

All players in grades 7, 9 and 11 are required to get a concussion test, as well as any athlete who has not previously taken the IMPACT test in the 2009 – 2010 school year. The Impact Test is given to athletes going into Grades 9 and 11 regardless if they had it last year. Those going into grades 10 and 12 only have to have the Impact test if they did not take it last year.  Testing was in May; watch the Athletic web page for make-up summer dates if you missed the testing.               

 No one will be permitted to try out without a completed physical card, insurance paper,  and Impact concussion test.

Tryouts: You MUST complete the enclosed form to be assigned a tee time.  

·       The first round of tryouts will be at North Park on Monday, August 16thAll golfers must report to North Park Golf Course on Monday, August 16, at 11:00 a.m. for a rules and informational meeting and to receive tee times, which begin at noon. DO NOT BE LATE for the meeting or you will forfeit your tee time.  EVERYONE MUST HEAR ALL THE RULES BEFORE TEEING OFFThere will be a one time charge for this round of $12.

·       The second round will be at Saxon golf Course on Tuesday, August 17.  Cuts will be made at the end of this round to qualify for the final round.  There is a cost of $15 for this round.  Tee times begin at 7:00 a.m. and there will be a brief meeting at 6:45 a.m.

·       The final round will be at Diamond Run on Wednesday, August 18. Diamond Run is a private club and the school district is not able to secure a practice round for prospective golf team members.  There will be no charge for the final round at Diamond Run.

*You are NOT permitted to play ANY of the golf courses the day tryouts are held on that course. 


Please be aware that golfers should average a score of 86 or less for an 18 hole round to be considered a legitimate candidate for the golf team.  Any player who scores 50 or more on the front 9 will be moved behind the field. (In the last several years, the cut for number 10 man on the Varsity has been 160-164 for 36 holes; the number 1 man has scored about 140-143 for 36 holes.) 

Each player must walk and carry his bag, and all players are expected to be familiar with and practice the rules of golf and carry a current USGA rule book.  It is recommended that you bring a bottle of water and a snack and be sure that your golf balls are marked with a permanent marker for easy identification. You will not stop at 9 holes for food at try outs.

*Due date for your entry form and cash is Friday, July 30.

*Important note:  No other try out dates are available

*Seniors please note: You must be in the top six players after the second day of try outs to make the team.  If two seniors are tied for 6th place, there will be a play off.  No seniors will be in the 7th or8th position (or higher player positions.)  No seniors will be on the JV team. A maximum of 10 golfers will be on the Varsity, and a maximum of 12 will be on the JV team. 

For try outs and seasonal play, you must follow the dress code as stipulated by Diamond Run:  long pants or Bermuda golf shorts only; collared shirts only (must be tucked in at all times); no baggy pants and no “cargo” pants or shorts; no jeans or denim of any kind; no long hair; no earrings or jewelry of any kind (except for a watch); no backward baseball caps; golfers must be clean shaven.  You should look neatly pressed- like a professional golfer!  This includes both JV and Varsity.  WPIAL regulations stipulate that golf shoes must be worn, and please note that Diamond Run is a non-metal spikes facility. 

Golf is a gentleman’s game, and conduct on and off the course is expected to be appropriate.  Important note:  Club throwing, cheating, inappropriate language, dress, public urination, or inappropriate conduct unbecoming to a student or a golfer are all causes for removal from the course during try outs, and causes for suspension /expulsion from the team during the regular season. All school rules are in effect at golf try outs and throughout the season.  Please note that going on vacation after the season begins will result in dismissal from the team.

If you have any questions or wish to contact me, please leave a message with Mrs. McClure at the Athletic Director’s Office at 724 934-7238 or send me an email.  Thank you for your interest in the North Allegheny Boy’s Golf Team.  I look forward to seeing you at try outs.  Good luck! Please print the next page to send in and confirm your reservation to try out.

Very truly yours,



(Mrs.) Diana L. Rittman

N.A. Varsity Head Boys’ Golf Coach

Mr. Patrick Niven

N.A. Junior Varsity Coach


Mail this completed form with $27.00 check to Coach Rittman by Friday, July 30, 2010.  (Please make check to North Allegheny Athletic Fund)

Mail to:    

Coach D. Rittman

North Allegheny High School Athletic Office

10375 Perry Highway

Wexford, PA  15090

* Your completed physical card, insurance forms and concussion testing results MUST be on file in the Athletic Office.  NO ONE MAY PLAY IN THE TRY OUTS WITHOUT ALL THREE FORMS SIGNED AND TURNED IN.

See you August 16 at 11:00 a.m. for the meeting.


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Street Address ________________________________________

City ___________________________________Zip code _______

Home phone number ___________________________________

Email address_____________________

Middle School attended (only if you are going to 9th Grade) _____

Student number ______________

18 hole average score (Or GHIN Handicap) _______________