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Tiger Paths – Directions to NA Sports

Fourth Edition

Compiled by:

The North Allegheny
Unified Boosters Organization

In an effort to fulfill the purpose of the Unified Boosters Organization of working together to promote school spirit and community pride, we are providing a booklet of directions to various North Allegheny activities, sporting events and competitions.

The Unified Boosters Organization, under the direction of the North Allegheny Athletic Director, strives to provide the various booster and community groups within our District an opportunity for better communication and cooperation with each other.

The Unified Boosters’ Map committee has been working together in an attempt to assure the accuracy of these revised directions.  Our humble apologies for any stop signs, traffic lights or landmark deletions.  Call the –

NA SPORTSLINE AT 724-934-7247

for current scheduled sporting events or activities.  A sincere thanks you to all who have made this booklet possible.

Happy Trails!

The Unified Boosters




Airport Ice Arena

330 Hookstown Grade Road


Take I-79 South to Route 60-Airport Parkway West.  Go towards old Parkway, not new airport (Moon Business).  Go ½ mile to Scally’s sign.  Make a right off Parkway.  At the stop sign, turn right.  The rink is ½ mile on the left.


Allegheny Valley High School

501 Butler Rd.

Springdale, PA 15144-1298


Springdale High School:

1.        Take the PA Turnpike East to Exit 5 (Allegheny Valley), exiting on old Rt. 28 North (under the turnpike.

2.        At the third traffic light, past the turnpike (approximately 2.5 miles), turn left at Colfax Street.

3.        Proceed all the way to the top of the hill passing the west end of the high school to Henderson Drive (just over the crest).

4.        Turn right to go around to the east end of the building where you will find parking.

Football Stadium:

1.        From turnpike exit, continue 3.4 mi. north to Walters Lane.

2.        Make right to field.

3.        Travel time is approximately 42 minutes.  Distance is 21 miles.


Aliquippa High School

100 Harding Avenue

Aliquippa, PA 15001-3997



1.        Take I-79 South to Ohio River Boulevard (Rt. 65).

2.        Go across the Aliquippa/Ambridge Bridge

3.        At the end of the bridge, turn right onto four-lane highway

4.        Go approximately two miles to Aliquippa exit.

5.        Go three traffic lights.

6.        Make that first left past the third light onto Harding Ave.

7.        Go up the hill.  School is at top.



Allderdice High School

2409 Shady Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA  15217



1.        From Wexford, Take I-79 S. to Take I-279 S. to 376 E (Parkway East).

2.        Exit at the Squirrel Hill/Homestead exit.

3.        Stay left for the Squirrel Hill route.  You will go under the parkway.

4.        You are on Forward Avenue.  When you come to a five-way intersection, take the second right .  You are still on Forward Avenue.

5.        Follow Forward for two blocks.

6.        Turn left onto Shady Avenue.

7.        High School is on the right.

Field Hockey:

1.        Continue on Forward past the school

2.        Pass Tillbury, which is the next intersection.

3.        There is an old school (now a Community Center), located on the right.

4.        Field Hockey is played on the fields at this old school.


Altoona High School

1415 6th Avenue

Altoona, PA  16602-2481

H.S. Phone 814-946-8305


1.        Take PA Turnpike East of Parkway East to Monroeville.

2.        Follow Rt. 22 East to Rt. 220 North toward Altoona.

3.        Merge onto I-99 N.

4.        Take the 17th Street exit.

5.        Follow 17th Street to 6th Avenue.

6.        Turn right on 6th Avenue and the school is three to four blocks on the right.

7.        The Gymnasium is located on the right in the second block across from an intramural field.

Mansion Park Baseball Field:

1.        Take Rt. 22 E. to 220 N. and follow it to Plank Road.

2.        When you exit, there will be a clover leaf.

3.        Follow it to the light and turn left.

4.        Follow this road until you come to Logan Blvd.

5.        Turn left on Logan and continue eight to nine blocks.

6.        You will first pass a Little League field, then a baseball field, then Mansion Park is located on the right.

Veterans Memorial Park:

1.        Take Rt. 22 E. until the intersection with Rt. 764.

2.        Follow Rt. 764 toward Altoona.

3.        Rt. 764 eventually becomes 6th Avenue.

4.        Take 6th to the intersection with Logan Blvd.

5.        At the 4th light (24th Street), make a left.

6.        Go four blocks on 24th Street and field in on the right.



Ambridge Area High School

909 Duss Avenue

Ambridge, PA  15033-2099

H. S. Phone 724-266-5112


High School:

1.        Take I-79 South to Rt. 65 North/Ohio River Blvd.

2.        Follow Rt. 65 N. for 7.4 miles.

3.        Turn right onto 8th Street (989 North).

4.        Travel  to the fourth traffic light.

5.        Make a left onto Duss Avenue.  School is on the left.


1.        Take Rt. 910 (Wexford Bayne Rd.) West to Duff City.

2.        Turn right on the Red Belt at Duff City (Big Sewickley Creek Road).

3.        Continue into Ambridge, turning right at the T intersection.

4.        At first traffic light, bear right onto Duss Avenue.

5.        Continue on Duss Avenue for about 8 blocks.  High School will be on the left.

Jr. High School

1.        Take Rt. 910 West approximately one mile past I-79.

2.        At stop sign, turn right.

3.        Travel .6 miles to a Y.

4.        Bear right and follow this road for 1.8 miles to Cornwall Wallace Road.

5.        Stay on this road for six miles.

6.        Turn left on First St. (sign for school is in the front yard of a house).

7.        School is at the end of First Street on the left.

Field House

1.        Take I-79 South to Rt. 65.

2.        Follow 65 North for 7-8 miles.

3.        Turn right at the 2nd light in Ambridge.

4.        Follow to the 4th light and turn left.

5.        Field house will be the first building on the left.


Avonworth High School

250 St. Josephs Lane

Pittsburgh, PA  15237-1299



1.        Take I-279 South to Camp Horne Rd. Exit.

2.        Make a right on Camp Horne Road.

3.        Make an immediate right onto St. Joseph’s Lane.  The School is at the top of the hill

Avonworth Baseball:

1.        Take I-279 S. to Camp Horne Road.

2.        Go right on Camp Horne Road to Rt. 65 (Ohio River Blvd.).

3.        Field is located on first little road to left, just past the “Stop ‘N Go.”

Avonworth Elementary School:

1.        Take I-279 S. to Camp Horne Road

2.        Turn left at exit.

3.        At the second traffic light, turn left onto Mt. Nebo Road.

4.        Follow Mt. Nebo Road approximately two miles.

5.        Turn left on Roosevelt Road.

6.        School is one mile on the left.


1.        Take I-79 S. to Mr. Nebo Exit.

2.        Turn left onto Mt. Nebo Road.

3.        Follow Mt. Nebo to the top of the hill.

4.        Turn right onto Roosevelt Road.  The School is one mile on the left.\




Baldwin High School

4653 Clairton Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA  15236-2149

H.S. Phone 412-885-7500


1.        Take I-279 South to the Liberty Bridge.

2.        Get into the right lane and go through the Liberty Tunnel.

3.        As you exit the tunnel, turn right onto Rt. 51 S.

4.        Follow Route 51 S. through the intersection with Brownsville Rd.  (approximately 5 miles)

5.        The school is ¼ mile on the left.

 Harrison Middle School:

1.        Follow the directions to the high school until you reach Brownsville Road.

2.        Turn right onto Brownsville Road.

3.        Follow Brownsville Road past the Caste Village Shopping Center.

4.        Turn left on Windvale.

5.        Follow Windvale into area marked “No Outlet.”  This leads to the school.

6.        Circle to the right and the gym is in the back.

Paynter Elementary:

1.        Follow directions above to Rt. 51 South.

2.        Make a left on Maytide (this is before the intersection of Rts. 51 & 88).

3.        Follow Maytide to the top of the hill and turn right on Brownsville Rd.

4.        Turn left onto Sankey.

5.        Make a right onto Churchview Ave. at the top of the hill.

6.        Make a right onto Churchview Avenue.

7.        Stay on Churchview approximately one mile.

8.        Turn right onto Maryann.

9.        Left onto Pleasantvue.

10.     Turn right into the parking lot to the gymnasium entrance in the back (entrance 22).

Wallace School:

1.        Follow above directions to Rt. 51 S. to the Brownsville Road Intersection.

2.        Turn right on Brownsville Road to East Willock.

3.        Go right on East Willock.

4.        At the five-way intersection, bear right, staying on East Willock.

5.        School is on the left past the stop sign.


Beaver High School

Gypsy Glen Road

Beaver, PA  15009-1844

H. S. Phone 724-774-0250


1.        Take I-79 S. to the Sewickley Exit.

2.        At the bottom of the ramp, turn left.

3.        At stop sign, turn right onto Rt. 65.

4.        Stay on Rt. 65 until you see the sign for Beaver on the right (you will be on Rts. 51 & 68).

5.        These two roads separate and you want to take Rt. 68.

6.        Bear to the right then get into the right lane of Rt. 68.

7.        Go right under the railroad underpass (3rd Street if Rt. 68 and the main street in Beaver).

8.        At the 5th traffic light, make a right onto Buffalo Street.

9.        Follow this until you see the school on the left.



Belle Vernon High School

RD 2  425 Crest Avenue

Belle Vernon, PA  15012-9660

H. S. phone 724-929-9800


1.        Take I-279 S. to the Liberty Bridge.

2.        Get into the right lane and go through the Liberty Tunnel.

3.        Go right onto Rt. 51 S.

4.        Follow Rt. 51 S. for approximately 16 miles.

5.        Turn slight right onto Fells Church Road.

6.        Follow Fells Church for 1.7 miles.

7.        Turn left onto Crest Avenue.

8.        School is located at the top of the hill.



Belmont Ice Arena

Armstrong: Take PA Turnpike East to Exit 5.  Take Rt. 28 North (do not take Kittanning exit).  Take the Butler-West Kittanning exit onto Rt. 422 West.  At first exit on Rt. 422, take Rt. 268 North.  Continue on 268 North through light and down hill approximately ¾ mile.  Look for Belmont Arena sign on the left.  Turn left and the rink is about ¼ mile ahead.


Bethel Park High School

309 Church Road

Bethel Park, PA 15102-1695

H. S. Phone   412-854-8581


1.        Take I-79 to Exit 12 ( Kirwan Heights).

2.        Get into the right lane and turn right on Rt. 50 West.

3.        Immediately make a left at the light onto Vanadium Road.

4.        Follow for approximately one mile.

5.        Make a right onto Bower Hill Road.

6.        Go to the 2nd light at the bottom of the hill and make a left.

7.        Follow this for about 2 miles to the light at Rt. 19.

8.        Take Rt. 19 to the third light at Fort Couch Road.

9.        Go left on Fort Couch.

10.     Make a left onto Bethel Church Road.

11.     At the top of the hill, make a right at the light onto Church Road.

12.     Second driveway by ice rink takes you to the school complex.


1.        Take I-279 to Liberty Bridge.

2.        Take Liberty Tunnel to Rt. 51 S.

3.        Take Rt. 88 to Bethel Church Road.

4.        Turn West on Bethel Church Road.

5.        At the third light turn left at the School Administration Building.

6.        The second driveway to the left takes you to the school.

Purkey Field: Baseball/Jr. High Soccer

1.        Follow directions to High School but do not turn in at Bladerunners.

2.        Proceed past H.S. and Field and parking lot will be next left.

3.        The field is located on below the tennis courts.

Franklin Field:

1.        Follow the alternate directions above to Rt. 88.

2.        At the entrance to South Park, make extreme right on South Park Rd. past the Parkside Inn.

3.        Follow through the light and over the trolley tracks.

4.        Make the next left onto S. Pennsylvania Avenue.

5.        At the top of the hill go right on California Avenue.

6.        At the first stop sign, make a left into the parking lot at the back of the School.

7.        Franklin field is below the parking lot.

Neil Armstrong School:

1.        Follow above directions to Franklin Field to the entrance of South Park.

2.        Continue on Rt. 88 past the entrance of South Park on Corrigan Drive.

3.        Pass the First Bethel Methodist Church on the left.

4.        Turn left onto Berryman Road.

5.        Turn left onto either Boyer or Murray – both end at the school.

Independence Middle School:

1.        Follow directions to the High School.



Blade Runners Ice Complex – Harmarville

66 Alpha Drive

Harmarville, PA


Blade Runners: Take the Turnpike East at Exit 5.  Go right 1 block and turn right behind Burger King, McDonald’s and K-Mart.

Alternate: Rt. 910 East to Harmarville.  Make left at light across from Exxon Station.  Make first left and follow road to rink.


Boardman High School

777 Glenwood Avenue

Boardman, Ohio 44512

H. S. Phone:  216/758-7511


Field of Dreams:

1.        Take Rt. 19 N. to the PA Turnpike West into Ohio.

2.        Exit at State Rt. 7 N (Exit 16).

3.        Follow Rt. 7 N for two traffic lights, then turn right.

4.        Go to a stop sign.

5.        Cross the railroad tracks.

6.        Go 1/4 mile.  The field will be on the left.


Bowman Field


Take I-80 to 180E – Williamsport.  Follow this until you come to the fourth Street exit.  The field is approximately 4 miles on the left (you will go under a bypass).


Bethlehem-Center Senior High School

179 Crawford Road

Fredericktown, PA 15333-2011

H.S. Phone:  724-267-4944


1.        Take I-79 S to the point where it combines with I-70 E.

2.        Take the I-79 exit toward Waynesburg.

3.        Take the US 40 exit (Exit 33) toward Laboratory.

4.        Keep left on the ramp and enter US 40.

5.        Turn right onto PA 2041.

6.        This becomes Morley Rd.

7.        Turn left onto Buckingham Rd.

8.        Buckingham becomes Crawford Rd.

Football and Baseball Fields:

1.        Take I-79 S to 70 E.

2.        Take exit 15 (California toll road exit).

3.        Travel approximately 10 miles to Fredericktown.

4.        Go straight through at the blinker light.

5.        Go 1/4 mile; turn right under the railroad trestle.

6.        Go three streets and turn right.

7.        Go two streets and turn left.


Blackhawk High School

500 Blackhawk Road

Beaver Falls, PA 15101-1498

H.S. Phone: 724-846-6600


1.        Take PA Turnpike West to Exit 2 (Beaver Falls).

2.        Go south on Rt. 18.

3.        At the first light, turn right onto Wallace Rd.

4.        Turn left onto Shenango Rd.

5.        Follow Shenango Rd.

6.        Cross the 4-lane highway.

7.        At the 1st stop sign turn right onto Darlington Rd.

8.        1 – 2 blocks turn left on Blackhawk Rd.

9.        Follow until you see the sign for the school.

10.     Turn right on McClain Rd.

11.     School complex is on the left.

Northwestern Elementary:

1.        Take PA Turnpike West to Ext. .

2.        Follow Rt. 60 toward Pittsburgh.

3.        Take Exit 29 (Chippewa exit).

4.        At red light, turn right onto Rt. 51.

5.        Follow Rt. 51 for approximately 5 miles and turn right on to Rt. 168.

6.        At bottom of hill, turn left.

7.        At stop sign, turn right.  School will be on the right 1/2 mile.

8.        Football field is located directly in front of the school.

Highland Middle School:

1.        Follow above directions to Rt. 51.

2.        At red light, turn left on Rt. 51.

3.        Go to the third light and turn left.

4.        At 4-way stop sign, turn left onto Shenango Road.

5.        Go approximately 1 mile and school will be on the left.

Blackhawk Intermediate School:

1.        Follow above directions to Shenango Road.

2.        Go approximately 100 yards and make the 2nd right.

3.        School will be on your left.


Brashear High School

590 Crane Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15216-3999


1.        Take I-279 south to the Fort Pitt Tunnel.

2.        Go through the tunnel to Banksville Road exit.

3.        Follow Banksville Road to Crane Avenue.

4.        Turn left on Crane Avenue.

5.        Go up the hill, through the light and down the hill.

6.        School is located on the left.


Burgettstown Area High School

104 Bavington Road

Burgettstown, PA   15021-2731

H.S. Phone: 725-947-8100


1.        Take I-79 South to exit 16A toward Airport/Moon Run.

2.        Merge onto PA-60 north/Steubenville Pike (Exit 60B).

3.        Stay straight to go onto Steubenville Pike.

4.        This becomes US-22W/US-30W.

5.        Stay straight to go onto US-22W/Wm Penn Highway.

6.        Take the exit toward Bavington.

7.        Turn right onto Maple Grove Road.

8.        Turn slight left onto Old Steubenville Pike.

9.        Turn left onto Bavington Road.


Butler High School

120 Campus Lane

Butler, PA 16002-2695

H. S. Phone: 724/287-8728


1.        Take I-79 North to Evans City (Exit 26).

2.        Turn right onto Rt. 528 N.

3.        Go 2 1/2 miles to stop sign.

4.        Make a right onto Rt. 68 East.

5.        Travel through Evans City until Rt. 356.

6.        Turn right on Rt. 356 and go approximately 1 mile.

7.        School is located on the right.

Intermediate High School:

1.        Follow directions to the High School.

Pullman Park Baseball Field:

1.        Take Rt. 8 north to Lyndora exit.

2.        Bear left and cross the bridge.

3.        At Mellon Bank building, turn right.

4.        Field is 1/2 mile ahead.

Jr. High School:

1.        Take Rt. 8 north to Butler.

2.        Cross bridge into Butler.

3.        At 5th light, turn right onto E. North Street.

4.        Follow up the hill and the school is located on the right.

Center Township Elementary School:

1.        Take Rt. 8 North through the town of Butler.

2.        Continue past Clearvue Mall.

3.        Turn left at 1st light past Perkins Restaurant.

4.        School is 1/4 mile on the left at the blinker light.

Butler Community Field:

1.        Take Rt. 8 North to Rt. 422.

2.        Go 1.5 miles to Rt. 308 N.

3.        Bear right and travel .2 miles.

4.        Turn right onto Hendricks Road.

5.        Go 1 miles and turn left on Palmer Road.

6.        Fields at .2 miles on the right.

Highfield Community Field (JV Baseball)

From Route 8

1.    Take Route 8 North to Lyndora exit

2.    Turn left at firt light onto Whitestown Road.

3.    FollowWhitestown Road for 2 miles to light (Sheetz on right)

4.    Turn left onto Duffy Road.

5.     Highfield Community Field on left.

From Route 68

1.     Take Route 68 through Evans City past Butler Farm Show.

2.      Turn right onto Duffy Road.

3.     Straight through at light (at Sheetz on left).

4.    Highfield Community Field on left.

Butler Golf Course

1.        Take Rt. 51 North

2.        From Rt. 51 and I-70 Intersection, travel 7 miles to Rt. 48.

3.        Right on Rt. 48 North.

4.        Travel 4 miles to Rock Run Road.

5.        At intersection of Rt. 48 and Rock Run Road is a “T” – go east on Rock Run.

6.        Travel 1 mile and the main entrance is past the Driving Range, barn and ponds.




California University of Pennsylvania

Third St.

California, PA  15419


To gymnasium

1.        Take I-79 South to I-70 East toward New Stanton.

2.        Exit 37A for California University of Pennsylvania.

3.        Follow Rt. 43 to the California University of Pennsylvania Exit.

4.        Take Rt. 88 North to the town of California.

5.        At the first light, turn right and follow into California University campus.

6.        Gymnasium is on the right.

To softball field

1.     Take I-79 South to I-70 East toward New Stanton.

2.     Exit 37A for California University of Pennsylvania.

3.     Follow Rt. 43 to the California University of Pennsylvania Exit.

4.     Take Rt. 88 North to the town of California.

5.     At the top of the hill, when the four lane road becomes a two lane road, make a right toward Adamson Stadium.

6.     Pass Adamson Stadium on right and make next right to the softball field.

Canevin High School

2700 Morange Road

Pittsburgh, PA  15205-4247

H. S. Phone: 412-922-7400


1.        Take I-79 South to the Pittsburgh Exit (Parkway West).

2.        Take the Greentree Exit.

3.        Turn left and go over the bridge.

4.        Make a left turn at the first traffic light.

5.        Go down the hill and you will come to a “T” intersection.

6.        Turn right on Noblestown Road.

7.        Go approximately 300 yards, then make a left at the sigh for Canevin High School.




Canon McMillan High School

550 Elm Street Extension

Canonsburg, PA 15317-1496

H. S. Phone: 724-745-1400


1.        Take I-79 South to the Houston exit.

2.        Make a left and go 1/4 mile to the first blacktop road on the right.

3.        Follow this up the hill to the school.


1.        Follow directions to the school.

2.        Make a right at the first road past the school.

3.        Go down the hill to the second stop sign.

4.        Make left onto Jefferson Avenue.

5.        Go approximately 1/4 mile over a bridge and the stadium is on the left.


Carrick High School

125 Parkfield Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15210-4113

H.S. Phone: 412-885-7700


1.        Take I-279 South to the Liberty Bridge.

2.        Get into the right lane and go through the Liberty Tunnel.

3.        Turn right on Rt. 51 South.

4.        Follow Rt. 51 for approximately 1.7 miles.

5.        Turn left onto Midwood Avenue.

6.        Turn right onto Walton Avenue.

7.        Turn left onto Lipton Way.

8.        Turn left onto Lucina Avenue.

9.        Turn right onto Midwood Way.

10.     Turn right onto Parkfield Street.




Central Catholic High School

4720 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2952

H.S. Phone: 412-621-8189


1.        Take I-279 South to Blvd. Of Allies.

2.        Take the Forbes Avenue Exit.

3.        Follow Forbes Ave. to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

4.        Turn left on South Craig Street.

5.        Turn right on Winthrop.

Alumni Hall (the Gym): Located behind the school where parking is available.

McKee Field:

1.        Take I-279 south to 376 East toward Monroeville.

2.        Take the Squirrel Hill Exit.

3.        Follow this for approximately 1/2 mile to a Church on the left.

4.        The field is located behind the Church.

William McKinley Field:

1.        Take Rt. 28 North to the Highland Bridge.

2.        Cross the Highland Park Bridge and take Allegheny River Blvd.

3.        Turn right on Center Avenue.

4.        Go to the top of the hill to 7th Avenue.

5.        The Field is on 7th Avenue behind the William McKinley Center.

Morningside Field:

1.        Follow above directions to Highland Park Bridge.

2.        Cross the Highland Park Bridge and get in the right lane.

3.        Turn right onto Butler Street.

4.        Make a left on Baker Street.

5.        At the first stop sign, make a left onto Greenwood.

6.        Follow Greenwood for two blocks.

7.        Make a right into the field.


1.        Follow directions for Central Catholic High School to Forbes Avenue.

2.        Follow Forbes to Schenley Drive.

3.        Turn right onto Schenley Drive.

West Field, Munhall:

1.        Take I-279 South to 376 East.

2.        Take the Homestead/Squirrel Exit.

3.        Follow signs to Homestead and cross the Homestead High Level Bridge.

4.        At the end of the bridge, go straight to the top of the hill.

5.        The field is located on the right, behind the Municipal Fire Station.


Center High School

160 Baker Road Extension

Monaca, PA  15061

H. S. Phone: 724-775-4300


1.        Follow Route 19 North.

2.        Turn left on Freedom Road.

3.        Follow Freedom Road down a steep hill.

4.        At the end of the hill, turn right and travel through Freedom.

5.        Turn left and go over the East Rochester – Monaca Bridge.

6.        Turn right onto the main street of Monaca.

7.        Follow the main street through Monaca to the end of town.

8.        Turn left and go under a railroad overpass.

9.        Follow this road past the Beaver Valley Mall.

10.     Continue on Brodhead Road toward Aliquippa.

11.     Turn left on Chapel Road (directly across from Lucci’s Pizza).

12.     Follow this road to the High School and Middle School.

Fred Taddeo Memorial Park (Center Grange Road Softball Field)

1.        Take Rt. 19 N. to I-76 W. (PA Turnpike).

2.        Take the PA-66 Toll Road Exit.

3.        Bear right off the ramp, mergining onto Rt. 60 S. (toll road).

4.        Take the Rt. PA-18 exit, keeping left at the fork in the ramp.

5.        At the second traffic light after mergin onto Rt. 18, turn right onto Brodhead Road.

6.        Make a left onto Center Grange Road.  An old elementary school is approximately one mile ahead on the left (across from the Center Police station).  The field is near in Memorial Park.


Central York High School

300 East 7th Avenue

York, PA 17404-2197

H.S. Phone: 717-846-6789


Central York High School:

1.        Take the PA Turnpike East to Harrisburg (Exit 18).

2.        Take I-83 South toward York.

3.        Exit at N. George Street (exit 10).

4.        Take 30 W. to first light.

5.        Turn left onto N. George St.

6.        At second light, turn left onto 7th Ave.

7.        School is located ahead on the right.

8.        All Central York fields (football, softball, baseball, tennis, field hockey & track) are located across from the High School between East 7th Avenue and 10th Avenue and north of Columbia Avenue.


Chartiers Houston High School

2050 West Pike Street

Houston, PA 15342-1099

(no office phone available)

AD:  724/745-3350     Fax 724/745-3495

Softball Field:

1.        Travel south on I-79.

2.        Take Exit 8B (Meadows exit).

3.        Make a left at the stop sign – end of the off ramp (Race Track Road).

4.        Travel approximately .4 miles to traffic light.

5.        Make a right onto Pike Street.

6.        Travel approximately .7 mile.

7.        Make a left onto McGovern Road (just before Chartiers-Houston High School and across from Joy Manufacturing).

8.        Follow McGovern Road 5 or 6 blocks.  Allison Elementary is on the left.

9.        Turn onto the second driveway, the circular drive.


Chartiers Valley High School

50 Thoms Run Road

Bridgeville, PA 15017-2832

H. S. Phone: 412-429-2273


Chartiers Valley High School/Stadium/Gymnasium/Tennis Courts/Swimming Pool:

1.        Take I-79 south to Exit 12.

2.        Turn left at the end of the ramp onto Rte. 50.

3.        Turn left at the first traffic light onto Thoms Run Road.

4.        Go a short distance and the entrance to the high school is on the left.

Woodville Soccer Field:

1.        Located on Thoms Run Road

2.        Travel a short distance past the high school.

3.        Field will be on the right between the Old Woodville State Hospital and Chartiers Valley bus garage.

Thoms Run Football Field:

1.        Pass the high school and the Chartiers Valley bus garage (see above).

2.        Watch for sign on the right for Chartiers Valley Primary School.

3.        Football field located in front of Primary School.

Cross Country Course:

1.        Located at Chartiers Valley Primary School (see above).

2.        Turn right into the Chariters Valley Primary School driveway.

3.        Go to the top of the hill and right into the parking lot.

4.        Practice field is baside the parking lot.

Nevillewood Golf Course:

1.        Go past the high school on Thoms Run Road (see above).

2.        At first traffic light, turn right.

3.        Go up the long hill and you will enter Nevillewood Golf Course.

4.        Drive a short distance and turn left. The clubhouse is ahead.

Frosty Valley Golf Course:

1.        Located on Boyce Road off Route 19.

Chartiers Valley Intermediate:

1.        I-79 to Exit 12.

2.        Turn left onto Rte. 50.

3.        At 3rd traffic light turn right onto Greentree Road.

4.        Go two traffic lights on Greentree and turn left onto Swallow Hill Road.

5.        Go through 2 stop signs.

6.        Go short distance and make a left into the Intermediate School.

7.        First entrance in the front is the gym.

8.        Baseball & Softball fields are across the driveway from the school.


Cleveland Villa St. Joseph’s

18491 Lake Shore Blvd.

Cleveland, OH 44119

(No office phone available)


1.        Take I-76, PA Turnpike.

2.        Exit I-76 at exit 17 toward Ohio/Harrisburg (PA 351).

3.        Merge onto I-76 W (portions toll).

4.        Stay straight to go onto I-80 W (portions toll).

5.        Take the I-480/OH-14 exit, #13.

6.        Keep right at fork in ramp, merging onto I-480 W.

7.        Stay straight to go onto I-271 N.

8.        Take I-271 Express Lane toward I-90.

9.        Take I-90 W exit toward Cleveland.

10.     Merge onto I-90 W.

11.     Take the exit, exit number 182A toward E. 185th Street.

12.     Merge onto Villaview Road.

13.     Turn right onto Neff Road.

14.     Turn slight right onto E. 185th Street.

15.     Turn a sharp left onto Lake Shore Blvd/OH 283.



Connellsville Area High School

201 Falcon Drive

Connellsville, PA 15425-5599

H. S. Phone: 724628-1350



1.        Rt. 19 North to the PA Turnpike East, the New Stanton Exit, #75.

2.        Take Rt. 119 South for approximately nine miles.  Get into the left lane and turn left at Crawford Avenue.

3.        At the stop sign, turn right.  Geibel High School will be located on the left.

4.        Make a sharp left at the “Y” onto Breakneck Road.

5.        Turn right onto Falcon Drive and follow to the High School.

Connellsville Stadium:

1.        Taking Rt. 19 N. to the PA Turnpike East to the New Stanton Exit, #75.

2.        Go south on State Rt. 119 to the fifth traffic light.

3.        At the light, turn left onto Pittsburgh Street.

4.        After the third light, go approximately five blocks to Green Street.

5.        Turn right onto Green Street.

6.        Go two blocks to Arch Street.

7.        Turn left onto Arch Street.

8.        Stadium is approximately five blocks on the left.



Connellsville Ice Mine (Rink)

5001 West Crawford Ave.

Connellsville, PA 15425


Connellsville Ice Mine: Take the Turnpike East to Exit #8 – New Stanton.  Exit turnpike to 119 South.  Go 20 miles to Connellsville.  Look for a five-way intersection in the center of town (Wendy’s is on left).  Make a right turn, but not a sharp right, onto West Crawford Ave.  Go up a steep hill for 3 miles.  Enter town of Leisenring. DeVito Park is on the left.  Turn left into DeVito Park to the rink.




Cornell High School

1099 Maple Street

Coraopolis, PA 15108-2910

H. S. Phone: 412-264-5012


Cornell High School:

1.        Take I-79 traveling South.

2.        Exit at Sewickley-Ohio River Blvd. exit.

3.        Travel Ohio River Blvd. to Sewickley.

4.        Watch for signs to Sewickley Bridge – turn left to cross the bridge.

5.        Turn left at next light, heading into Coraopolis.

6.        Traveling straight – pass through 6 lights.

7.        Just past the 6th light, turn right onto Chestnut Street (distance from the bridge to this point, 2 miles).

8.        Follow Chestnut Street one block to stop sign.  Turn left and go 1/10 mile.

9.        Make a right onto Maple Street.

10.     Continue on Maple 7/10 mile.  Watch for sign on left (Cornell Education Center).

11.     Make left and school is at top of hill.


Cumberland Valley High School

6746 Carlisle Pike

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-1796

H.S. Phone:  717-766-0217


High School and Educational Park:

1.        Take PA Turnpike East I-76 to Carlisle exit, #226.

2.        Make a right onto Rt. 11 North.

1.        Turn left at the light into the main entrance.

Good Hope Middle School:

1.        Take PA Turnpike I-76 to Carlisle exit, #226.

2.        Make a right onto Rt. 11 North.

3.        Take Rt. 11 North to the traffic light at Skyport Road.

4.        Make a left onto Skyport and go approximately ½ mile.

5.        Good Hope Middle School is the second school on the left.

Eagle View Middle School:

1.        Follow directions to the high school.

2.        Upon entering the Educational Park complex, bear right at the “Y” and follow the road to the middle school on the hill.