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About UBO


The North Allegheny Unified Boosters organization was formed during the 1990-91 school year.  It was a direct result of needs expressed by parents from all levels of our school district.

Due to the immense size of our school district, there was a vast need for communication among the numerous NA boosters, sports, school and community groups.  Unification would also enhance school spirit and community pride.

Consequently, this led to the formation of the UBO.  This is a group of parents and students representing their boosters, sports, school or community organizations searching for ways to become a link between the NA community and the school district.

The UBO, under the umbrella of the Athletic Department and through its membership, continues to search for new ways to promote unity and pride.  Just look at what we’ve already accomplished.


  • To promote school spirit and pride in the North Allegheny community

  • To provide a means for better communication among all sports, booster, school and community groups

  • To promote and encourage student and community support for all North Allegheny events, activities, and sports.

UBO President, Georgiana Thomas