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Toys for Tigers

Dee Jay’s Restaurant in Wexford hosted a North Allegheny Toys for Tigers fundraiser in June. Ten percent of the proceeds went to the Toys for Tigers program, raising $823.68. The check was presented to President of the NA Unified Boosters Organization, Georgiana Thomas, on June 28, 2023. (Photo Below)


Thank you for everyone’s support for the 2022 Toys for Tigers Program.  Your support made 81 children wake up Christmas morning with smiles on their faces.



9th Grade Boys Basketball

Boys Basketball


Field Hockey

Boys Lacrosse

Boys Soccer

Girls Volleyball

Jamie Margene

Carrie Iwanonkiw

Pete and Judy Antimarino



Band                                                                           Swimming/Diving

Boys Basketball                                                          Boys Tennis

Bowling                                                                      Girls Tennis

Cross Country                                                             Boys Volleyball

Football                                                                       Water Polo

Boys Golf                                                                   Wrestling

Girls Golf                                                                    CMS

Gymnastics                                                                 MMS

Ice Hockey                                                                  NA Art Club

Girls Lacrosse                                                             NA 2002 Class Reunion

Rowing                                                                       Rylee Johnson

Girls Soccer                                                                Danielle Tyler

Softball- Fast Pitch                                                     Amy Bistocchi

Softball-Slow Pitch                                                     Spencer Blackburn

Inline Hockey                                                             Monte Cello’s



Girls Lacrosse Team and Parents

Thanks to Valerie Scolieri and Minda Apel for their leadership at the gift wrapping event

Thanks to Valerie Scolieri and Barb Liwosz wrapping gifts on the second day of the event



Baseball Board

Football Seniors

Bob Bozzuto

Pete and Judy Antimarino

Barb Liwosz

Peg Lehew

Valerie Scolieri

This year, the NA Boys Lacrosse team gathered all 65 of their prospective players to wrap gifts for a well-deserving family of five. We met at a local community church and worked hard to make the evening special for our team as well as have the players learn what is important about the holiday season. We had 100% participation from the group.  The classes were divided to wrap for each child.  They were very excited to come together as a team and accomplish such a great undertaking for the holidays.  Coach Rullan attended and made sure the boys were doing their best.  The event was a huge success.  Not only were they able to give back for the holidays, but they were also able to bond as a team.  Here are some pictures from our night together.  Happy Holidays all from the NA HS boys lacrosse team.

The North Allegheny girls’ lacrosse team and parents wrapped gifts for Toys for Tigers.  Thanks to their efforts they wrapped approximately 150 gifts.