NA Rowing Virtual Race 3: The Missing Season Regatta

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(Virtual Race 3, The Missing Season Regatta ran on Saturday May 16) The Tigers entered 14 events in a field of competition that had expanded from the first two virtual races to include teams from across the Midwest Scholastic region including North Catholic, Oakland Catholic, Upper Saint Claire, Fox Chapel, Loyola, Perrysburg, Montgomery Bell, and Notre Dame.

On the Women’s side, NA the Novice 4+ continued their hold on first place and secured themselves an undefeated virtual season (Tabo Mkandawire, Charlotte Bentrim, Felicity Smith & Aine Ridenour). The B line up also placed in the event taking 3rd (Sonia Lofgren. Addy Cooper, Kelly Tolan & Gabby Bauer). This week the Junior 4x secured first (Mirae Choe. Alexandra Junko, Ashley Zeman & Ally Harder). The Junior 2x took 2nd (Mirae Choe & Alexandra Junko), as did the Jr 4+ ( Emma Brunger, Haley Dubovecky, EmmaJane Sprunk and Johanna Edfors) In the coxswains event, 8th grader Katherine Zema placed first, Rounding out the weekend the Middle School 4+ also took first (Sarah Gunnet, Addison Nicasio, Evie Disque & Wynn Musselman).

On the Men’s side, the Novice 4+ took second (Braden Lemon, Caleb Sanders, Jackson Rogers & Tristan Atreel). The Varsity 2x took third (Alex Hladio & Michael Urich) and the Junior 2x took second (Wyatt Skopov Normane & Braden Lemon). The Varsity 2- placed second (rowed by brothers Nathan & Evan Greenberg) The Varsity 4+ secured a third-place finish (Alex Hladio, Micah Witzel, Jackson Rodgers, and Evan Greenberg).

This event wraps up the Tigers season for 2020. It was certainly a different one and the team hopes to be able to race in the water again soon.

In the absence of a traditional racing season, NA Rowing and other PGH rowing programs have arranged a Virtual Racing Series. Coaches register their athletes in line ups & events similar to what they might have raced in this season. As not all athletes have access to a rowing machine (erg) at home, there are three options for competing: athletes can erg 2000 meters, run 1 mile or bike 3 miles. (Middle school athletes complete ½ distances). On race day, athletes submit their results via a google form for each race that they are entered in. The line-up’s average time is calculated by race officials resulting in the boats final time, which is compared to their competition.