Ordering On-Line Home Athletic Tickets

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The North Allegheny Athletic Department has entered into an agreement with E-Services to provide all spectators the opportunity to purchase tickets online for all future home games at North Allegheny.  No cash will be accepted at the gate for boys and girls lacrosse, boys and girls track & field, and boys volleyball this spring.  We will have a staff person available at the gate/hallway to help navigate the e-services website right then and there.  What we like about this platform is you do not have to create an account with a user name and password in order to purchase a ticket.  There is information the site will collect for payment,  but setting up an account is not necessary.  It should be a fairly quick and painless process to order tickets.  Again, no cash will be accepted at the ticket window for lacrosse and volleyball games starting this Friday, March 26th.

Due to the ever changing schedules due to COVID, we are planning to open games on the E-Services site every Sunday morning for any upcoming games that week.  For example, the games this Friday and Monday are live now and ready to accept payments through the link below.  If you want to order a ticket for any remaining games this season, you will need to wait until the Sunday before those games are scheduled to order tickets.  If you order tickets for a game and it ends up being cancelled, the E-Services folks will refund your money.  Likewise, if you order tickets and that game is rescheduled for another date, we will automatically transfer those tickets to the rescheduled date.  If you cannot attend, please email Patti McClure at pmcclure@northallegheny.org to request a refund.

Tickets are unlimited for boys and girls lacrosse games and boys and girls track & field meets at Newman Stadium.  With the new maximum capacity rules, we can have (2500) people attend (50% of capacity).  For boys’ volleyball games, the capacity for North Allegheny parents/guardians and residents is (600), so we should be fine for anyone who wants to watch volleyball as well.  We have put a maximum of (10) tickets to purchase per transaction, but you can do multiple transactions if you need more than (10) tickets.  For the away volleyball teams, tickets are restricted to only parents/guardians of each player (5 tickets per player maximum).  There are no restrictions for the away teams for lacrosse and track and field.  This is simply due to the fact that those sports are outdoors versus volleyball that is indoors.

To order tickets, please go to this site:

  1. https://eservicespaas.com/public/events/northallegheny      (please keep this link handy)
  2. Click on the type of ticket you want – either boys’ lacrosse tickets, girls’ lacrosse tickets, boys/girls track & field or boys volleyball – NA tickets.
  3. Click on the specific game you would like to attend.
  4. Use the arrow in the box to show how many tickets you would like to purchase (you can purchase up to 10 at a time)
  5. Please click the “Checkout” box at the lower right corner of the screen.
  6. This brings you to the payment portion of the website.  Please fill out all required fields and hit “Place your Order”
  7. You will get a confirmation email with your completed order.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TYPE IN YOUR EMAIL CORRECTLY!!!  When you come to the game, please show the confirmation email on your phone or printed ticket to the ticket taker at the door to validate your purchase for the game.  If you purchased multiple tickets and have people coming at different times, please be sure to forward your confirmation email to all parties so they can present the same email on their phone when they arrive.