Tiger Café At NASH

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By Stefan Bordeianu and Margo Weller

Need a bite to eat before the first or second bus loading?  Staying late for practice?  Make room for the Tiger Cafe!

The former teacher lounge in the cafeteria located will soon transform into an after-school snack bar and lounge. From 2:15-3:30 P.M., grab-and-go items like protein bars, salads, slushies, PBJ, and yogurt will be offered to students who crave afternoon chow.

Student Council president, Jose Key, said, “The Tiger Cafe will be very convenient for students with after-school activities to get food on campus and hang out!”

The Tiger Cafe will host a soft opening on April 23, and it will have a grand opening next fall. However, in a sense, the snack bar will never truly be finished. The conception of the Tiger Cafe is that it will be constantly changing in order to cater to the requests of NASH students.

“The more you guys are interested, the more we can do with it,” Ms. Ossler, the Assistant Food Service Director/Nutrition Educator with Metz Culinary Management said, Essentially, the future of the NASH Cafe rests in the hands of future NA students.

In addition to the snack sales, there will be a dining area with bar top tables and stools, a TV, murals, a student-accessible microwave, and potentially a printer. This addition will provide students who stay after school with smart snacks and a relaxing environment to dine.

Snacks will be purchased by the same student pin system that the cafeteria uses. All food will comply with state regulations, meaning that they are smart, healthy snacks.

(Photo by Kaycee Orwig. Article courtesy of The Uproar.)