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2019-2020 Game Summaries

NA Slow-Pitch Bows Out in WPISL Quarterfinals

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by Slow-Pitch Contributor

In the first round of playoffs, the NA Tigers faced off against the Mt. Pleasant Vikings on Saturday morning.  Mt. Pleasant started off strong, surprising the Tigers and earning four runs. NA stopped their momentum with a beautiful double play made by shortstop Lizzie Wetmore (Junior) to first baseman, Katie Marangoni (Junior).  Up at bat, NA pounded the ball, eventually earning seventeen runs by the end of the first inning.  Megan Quinlan (Sophomore) and Kenna White (Senior) each hit home runs, and Wetmore hit a triple.  Doubles were earned by Evie Weithorn (Sophomore) and Madison Klinefelter (Sophomore). On the second time through the line-up, White earned a triple.

In the second inning, Mt. Pleasant was held at four, but back up at bat,  Carly Snyder (Junior) earned an additional RBI with a triple for the Tigers..

During the third inning, the Vikings had a lucky streak, adding in three more runs, but Wetmore at shortstop put an end to that, making all three outs with a caught line drive and two grounders stopped and tossed to Marangoni at first for the “Katie-Lizzie Combo”.  In the bottom of the third, Abby Birch (Senior) earned a triple and an RBI.  White and Klinefelter brought in a run each, now bringing the score to 23-7, heading into the fourth.

No runs were scored by either team in the fourth inning.  At the top of the fifth, NA was able to hold the Vikings. The final out of the game was made by Nikki Crean (Sophomore) at second with a flyout on the run.

The final score was 23-7.  Now, the Tigers would have to face-off against the North Hills Indians in round two of the playoffs.

North Allegheny took on North Hills in the quarterfinals.  Up to bat first, Evie Weithorn earned one RBI with a single, but it was just enough momentum to give the Tigers some confidence heading out onto the field.  The very first hit was tough line drive up the middle caught by Emily Yanchak (Sophomore) at pitcher.  Wetmore made the next two outs at shortstop, catching a fly out in the grass, and stopping a grounder, making the out at second herself.  North Hills earned one run this inning.

In the top of the second, Claire Medic (Junior) hit a double, adding another two runs for the Tigers.  On defense, Wetmore made two more outs from shortstop to first with Marangoni and caught a line drive.  NA was still leading 3-1.

Klinefelter, up to bat, earned one more RBI for the Tigers at the top of the third, but unfortunately, the powerful hitting of North Hills was back this inning.  They ended up earning ten runs with every batter hitting right in the holes. Eventually, Birch and White each made a flyout. White also stopped a grounder, rocketing the ball to Marangoni at first.  North Hills was now up, 11-4.

NA was held at that top of the fourth, but North Hills continued killing the ball, gaining another four runs.  Quinlan made an out at second, and Klinefelter caught two flies in left center.

At the top of the fifth, NA was back at the top of their batting order, but could not get on base again.  The Indians earned two more runs before Marangoni, Klinefelter, and Wetmore each made an out.

Heading into the sixth inning, the Tigers had to earn a few more runs to stay in it, but it wasn’t in the cards.  Kept at four runs, NA had to keep North Hills from scoring, which they weren’t able to do. With the bases loaded, Birch caught the last fly of the game and threw that ball home to stop the Indians from scoring. In the end, it wasn’t enough as the Tigers fell to the Indians, 19-4.

The North Allegheny Slow-Pitch Varsity team is sad to lose their two seniors, Abby Birch and Kenna White.  Birch and White will be terribly missed. Congratulations to the entire NA team and coaching staff for a terrific 2019 season.

NA Slow-Pitch Ends Regular Season With Sweep Of Shaler

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by Slow-Pitch Softball Contributor

NA Girls Slow-Pitch Softball ended their regular season with two decisive wins, 15-11 and 18-10, beating a strong Shaler Titans team.

The first inning of game one began with Shaler taking a quick lead of 1-0.  The Tigers’ bats awoke early in the top of the second inning as Kenna White (Senior) started the on-slaught with a single, with Lizzie Wetmore ( Junior) following up by crushing the ball with an inside-the-park home run to right center field, collecting two RBIs and regaining the lead at 2-1. Evelyn Wiethorn (Sophomore) singled and Audrey Laswell (Sophomore) nailed a double, collecting two RBIs of her own and adding two more runs to the tally.  Carly Snyder (Junior) lined-drived a triple, gaining an RBI and another run as Laswell scored.  Meg Quinlan (Sophomore) singled in Snyder. The Tigers held a respectable 6-1 lead going into the second inning.

NA’s defense proved too tough for Shaler as they were shut down during the bottom of the second inning. Pitcher Evelyn Wiethorn struck out two batters and Abby Birch (Senior) nabbed a routine pop fly to the outfield.

The Tigers’ offense added another run at the top of the third inning, with Wetmore’s single pushing in Birch, who had smacked a triple to left center field. Wiethorn managed a single but no more runs scored. The Knights’ bats came alive during the bottom of the third, as a few singles, and some well-placed doubles increased the score to 7-3.

The Tigers were not finished yet, as Katie Marangoni  (Junior) singled hard down the third base line. Snyder walked, and Quinlan hit a big triple scoring Marangoni and Snyder, adding two more runs.  Claire Medic (Junior) pinch-hitted for Nikki Crean ( Sophomore) and hit a beautiful long, hard fly ball to left field, but Shaler’s left fielder made a spectacular diving catch.

NA gave up one run in the bottom of the fourth, as Shaler put together a string of solid hits. Madison Klinefelter (Junior) showed off her strong arm as she threw out a Shaler runner who tried to push a double into a triple.

At the top of the fifth, Wetmore hit a single, and Kenna White (Senior) doubled, scoring Wetmore. Shaler bats were quiet again in the bottom of the fifth as the Knights were scoreless again, as ground outs to Crean at second  and Wiethorn, followed with a strike-out, ended the fifth inning, with NA up 10-4 going into the sixth.

North Allegheny added two more runs in the top of the sixth, as Laswell’s double allowed Marangoni ( who stretched a single into a double) to score. Meg Quinlan (Sophomore) dropped in a single over the shortstop, and Laswell scored from second.

In the bottom of the sixth, NA defense held tight, only allowing one run to score. The Titans grounded out to Crean and  Wetmore, and Birch made a nice catch in the outfield to end the inning.

In the top of the seventh, singles by Quinlan and Birch set the stage for Wetmore, as she hit another home run, adding three more runs to the score. Singles by Klinefelter and Marangoni followed, but the Titans defense held firm.

Shaler came back strong, as they scored six runs in the bottom of the seventh on a string of base hits. It wasn’t enough, though, as the game ended with NA winning, 15-11.

In between games, Abby Birch and Kenna White were honored, along with Shaler’s seniors, during their Senior Night recognition program—a sportsmanlike and kind gesture from the Shaler team.

Game Two of the double-header began with Shaler coming on strong, scoring four runs on an impressive string of base hits. NA scored two runs in the bottom of the first, with walks by Wetmore, a single by White, and a double by Wiethorn to right center.

The Tigers showed their strong defense as they shut down Shaler’s batters in order with a strikeout by pitcher Emily Yanchak ( Sophomore), and ground outs to Wetmore and Yanchak. The bottom of the second  began with two quick outs , but the Tigers quickly put together three runs with a double from Yanchak, and singles by Snyder, Quinlan, and Birch. Score at the end of two innings was 5-4 in NA’s favor.

Shaler remained scoreless for the top of the third inning, and NA’s bats were hot once again, with doubles by White, Wiethorn, and a single from Klinefelter resulting in two more runs. Claire Medic ( Junior) hit a single, and Snyder followed up with another single, pushing in another run. The score at the end of three innings was 8-4.

At the top of the fourth inning, Shaler was still a threat as they put together six singles and a triple to score six runs. The Tigers returned with three more runs from a home run from Wetmore, and KIinefelter added on with two more RBIs, her single hitting in White and Wiethorn. NA had a slim lead after four innings of 11-10.

Shaler remaining scoreless in the top of the fifth, and NA scored three more runs, with a triple from Snyder, a single from Quinlan, and a triple from Meg Patterson (Junior). Patterson tagged up on Birch’s flyout to center field, allowing the Tigers to increase their lead to 14-10.

Shaler bats were quiet in the sixth inning, failing to put together any runs, as the Tigers increased their lead. Singles from Wiethorn and Klinefelter set the stage for a line-drive double from Medic that pushed the lead to 16-10. Doubles from Laswell and Patterson, and singles from Yanchak and Quinlan created scoring opportunities, pushing in four more runs. The score was now 18-10.

The seventh inning ended in spectacular fashion, as Shaler fought back with an impressive string of three singles in a row. A flyout to Snyder followed. With one out, bases loaded, Shaler crushed a ball to deep center field. Birch caught the easy out, but the runner at third tried to tag up, making the mistake of challenging Birch’s cannon.  She gunned the runner out at home, cementing the victory for North Allegheny, 18-10. The Tigers end their regular season and now head into the playoffs.

NA Slow-Pitch Splits Doubleheader With Bethel Park

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By Slow-Pitch Softball Contributor

NA earned a double header split with Bethel Park on Sunday. Game one ended 17-16, NA.  Game two ended with Bethel Park taking the win, 19-15.

With the constant drizzle and rain to contend with, NA allowed five runs in the top of the first inning, but Kenna White (Senior) put an end to the inning, making all three outs.  First she snagged a pop-up, next a force out at third, but she saved the best for the last out.  Carly Snyder (Junior) stopped a hard-hit low line drive in left field, threw it to White at third. White, determined to stop the runner heading home, chucked the ball to catcher Audrey Laswell (Sophomore) who tagged the runner out at home.  This was just the momentum the Tigers needed heading into the bottom of the first.  Nikki Crean (sophomore) started things off right with a double.  Abby Birch (Senior) followed with a single, bringing Crean home for the first run for the Tigers. Then, Lizzie Wetmore (Junior) hit a powerful triple, bringing in another run. White and Wiethorn each also posted a hit and brought in one more run.

Bethel Park was kept at five runs in the top of the second as Birch and Megan Quinlan (Sophomore) each caught flyouts in the outfield.  Crean earned the last out, stopping a grounder and tossing it to Wetmore at second.  In the bottom of the second, Laswell hit deep left, earning a double, followed by Snyder earning another double and an RBI.  Crean got the last RBI of the inning with a flyout.

Two runs snuck by the Tigers in the top of the third, but Madision Klinefelter (Junior) caught a flyout in left center, Wetmore jumped and grabbed a hard-hit line drive at shortstop, and White backhanded a grounder hit down the line at third, tossing it Crean at second for the out.  Up to bat, White hit the fence and ran for a double. Evelyn Weithorn (Sophomore) followed with a long line drive.  Klinefelter brought in the one run of the inning, bringing the score to Bethel 7, NA 6.

The top of the fourth went quickly, with Crean, Birch, and Quinlan all catching flyouts, keeping Bethel from scoring.  Bethel, however, couldn’t stop NA from scoring this inning! Snyder got a giant hit to right field, earning a triple, which was followed by a single from Emily Yanchak (Sophomore) with one RBI and Crean with another RBI.  Birch and White each hit doubles, both bringing in a run, and Wetmore hit a single, bringing in the final run of the inning.  NA was finally in the lead, 10-7.

Bethel came back at the top of the fifth and came through with a big inningl.  Snyder, in left, ran and dove for the ball, coming up with a snowcone. Klinefelter stopped a grounder in left center, throwing it to White at third, who turned and shot the ball to Laswell at home, making the tag.  White stopped the inning with catching a line drive. NA’s bats couldn’t get them anywhere in the bottom of this inning. Bethel Park was again in the lead, 11-10.

Once again, Bethel Park came back and earned more runs.  Eventually, Crean caught a fly behind second followed by Birch with a flyout in right center and Klinefelter with a flyout in left center.  NA, although trailing, refused to allow Bethel Park to take them. Yanchak, Crean, and Quinlan had all hit singles when Birch got up to bat. Birch hit a single, but it was just far enough to bringing in two runs.  Next up, Wetmore cranked one to deep right center and brought in another run. Although White’s ball got caught in right center, it had just enough juice to earn another RBI. Weithorn, hitting s double, now tied up the game, 15-15.

Down to the wire, Bethel Park earned one more run before Wetmore snagged a line drive for the first out.  Yanchak earned the last two outs at pitcher with a strikeout and a pop-up. Bethel was in the lead, 16-15, going into the bottom of the seventh.  Yanchak hit a single, right in the hole behind second, Crean and Quinlan also hit singles. Birch tied up the game at 16-16 with no outs. Bethel moved in, crowding home and trying to stop any runs, when Wetmore came up to bat.  Wetmore sent the ball sailing over the right center fielder’s head, bringing in the winning run and ending the game. Final score, 17-16, Tigers.

With more cold rain and dark, dreary clouds, NA came out swinging in the top of the second game.  Wetmore, White, and Quinlan all hit doubles; Quinlan, Birch, Klinefelter, Laswell, Birch, and Wetmore hit singles.  After batting through the order, NA lead Bethel, 11-0, which continued into the second inning as Wetmore and Quinlan each caught flies, followed by a grounder to Wetmore, who made the out with Wiethorn at first.

In the top of the second, Laswell and Yanchak each earned one RBI.  Bethel’s bats were back at the bottom of the second, earning five runs.  Wetmore had had enough, making a dramatic double play. She stopped a grounder, touched second, and wailed it Weithorn at first.  Yanchak got the final out of the inning with strikeout.

At the top of the third, White gained one more for NA with a double, a deep fly to right center.  At the bottom of the third, NA struggled with Bethel’s powerful bats and the slippery conditions. Eventually, Yanchak struck out one player, and White made a double play with a tagout and a toss to Crean at second for the force.

Bethel Park kept NA at 14 at the top of the fourth, but NA couldn’t do the same with Bethel.  Quinlan, in right field, took off at a sprint and dove for a low line drive, making the first out of the inning.  Wetmore made the next two outs at second. Bethel Park was again in the lead, 17-14.

Again, Bethel kept NA at 14 at the top of the fifth.  This time, though, NA was able to also keep Bethel from scoring.  White caught a pop-up, Snyder ran and dove for a ball in left field, and Crean stopped a line drive.

NA still couldn’t get anywhere at the top of the sixth, Bethel’s tough defense stopping every ball.  NA’s defense allowed two more runs in before Birch, White, and Snyder all caught fly balls.

After walking Crean in the start of the seventh, Quinlan hit a beautiful triple, bringing Crean home.  Unfortunately, that was the only run earned, and NA fell to Bethel Park, 19 -15.

NA Slow-Pitch Bounces Back With 18-8 Win Over West Allegheny

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By Slow-Pitch Softball Contributor

After a couple of rough weeks, North Allegheny showed their stripes again on Wednesday night with an 18-8 blowout win over West Allegheny.

At the top of the first inning, Lizzie Wetmore (sophomore) brought in an RBI with a double hit over the outfielder’s head in left center.  This was followed quickly by a Kenna White (senior) single, bringing in the other run of the inning for a 2-0 lead.  On defense, NA allowed three runs but Wetmore at shortstop earned two outs stopping grounders and making the out at second.  Pitcher Evie Wiethorn (sophomore) struck out the final batter of the inning. The Tigers trailed 3-2 after one inning.

In the second inning, no runs were scored by the Tigers, while West Allegheny scored one unearned run making the score 4-2, Indians.  Megan Quinlan (sophomore) snagged two flyouts in right field and Wetmore snagged one more at short to end the inning.

The bats came back to life for NA at the top of the third.  Nikki Crean (sophomore) and Quinlan both earned singles and were sent home when Abby Birch (senior) hit a triple with a long line drive to right field.  This was followed by another RBI after a flyout by Wetmore for a 5-4 North Allegheny lead.

During the bottom of the third, NA let two more runs in, but Birch shined for NA defensively in right center.  First, she hustled to catch a low line drive, making a dramatic out.  This was then followed by her snagging a hard-hit grounder up the middle and rocketing the ball to Wetmore at short for an out.  Birch’s defensive gems was just the kind of effort the Tigers needed, despite trailing 6-5.

At the top of the fourth, NA didn’t earn any runs but they also kept West A from scoring at the bottom of the inning with Birch hauling in another flyout in right center followed by a terrific double play to end the inning. Madison Klinefelter (junior) ran deep into left center and jumped high to catch a fly ball.  She then threw the ball to the cutoff, Wetmore, who turned and nailed a perfect throw to White at third for the tagout.  The score remained 6-5, West Allegheny.

In the top of the fifth, Quinlan and Birch both earned singles.  Although Wetmore was out on a caught fly, it was hit just far enough to bring in an RBI, now tying up the game at 6-6.  NA’s defense was strong in the bottom of the inning.  Wiethorn stopped a grounder, tossing it to Katie Marangoni (junior) at first for the out.  Klinefelter snagged an additional out in left center which was followed by White rushing a grounder and tossing it to Crean at second for the final out.  The score was 6-6 heading into the sixth inning.

Up to bat, the Tigers couldn’t gather any momentum, but they once again proved to be a defensive wall.  Weithorn, again, stopped a grounder, getting the out at first with Marangoni.  Quinlan caught another flyout in right, and Crean stopped a hard-hit ball and made the out at second with Wetmore.

Although at the start of the seventh the score was tied, this didn’t last for long.  After a couple walks and a single by Birch, White brought in a run, putting NA in the lead, 7-6.  This was followed by a long line drive hit down the third base line by Marangoni, which brought in two more runs for a 9-6 advantage.  Then, Klinefelter came up to bat and hit a powerful triple, clearing the bases and swelling the lead to 12-6. Audrey Laswell (sophomore) followed by hitting a fly which got caught in left center.  It was just far enough out there to send Klinefelter home, sliding under a tag attempt on a play at the plate. Next up at bat, Claire Medic hit a single, which was then followed by a double by Meg Patterson (junior).  Up next, Crean cleared the bases with a beautiful triple hit to right center for a 17-6 lead.  The final RBI of the inning went to Quinlan with an RBI single and an 18-6 NA advantage.

In the bottom of the seventh, two runs snuck in by West Allegheny but the Indians weren’t able too get far.  Wetmore stopped a tough grounder and sent it to Marangoni at first for the famous “Katie-Lizzie Combo” and earned the first out of the inning.  This was then followed by Klinefelter grabbing a grounder at left center and wailing the ball to White at third for the second out.  The final out of the game was from Wiethorn at pitcher stopping a hard-hit ball on the bounce and then tossing it to Marangoni at first.

The final score was 18-8, Tigers.

North Allegheny improves to 5-5 on the season and will host Bethel Park on Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

North Allegheny Falls to North Hills in Double Header

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The North Allegheny Tigers had another tough weekend, losing both games to North Hills, 21-9 and 14-4.

In game one, top of the first, North Hills was relentless.  They hit every hole in the field. Kenna White (senior) caught a tough grounder at third on the bounce and chucked it to Katie Marangoni (junior) at first for the first out.  Deep into the inning, Madison Klinefelter (junior) snagged a fly on the run in left center, and Lizzie Wetmore (junior) stopped a grounder at short and tossing it to Megan Quinlan (sophomore) at second for the final out of the inning.  The Tigers were worried going into this inning, but things changed quickly.  Quinlan hit a daisy cutter up the middle for a single, followed by a double into deep center by Abby Birch (senior).  White followed with another single, two now on base, when Wetmore stepped into the box.  For the first time at Marshall after the field renovations, the ball was hit out of the park by Wetmore, earning three runs. The rest of the team continued hitting the ball with another single by Marangoni, Emily Yanchak (sophomore), Audrey Laswell (sophomore), and a double by Nikki Crean (sophomore).  The game tied up, 7-7.

Despite the momentum in the bottom of the first, the second inning was another tough one with North Hills continuing to pound the ball.  Wetmore stopped a line drive for one out, then, as North Hills was trying to play pickle, Wetmore ran down the runner at third, throwing to home and Crean tagget out the runner.  Klinefelter ended the inning with a flyout on the run in left center. Unfortunately, North Hills gained four more this time at bat. When NA had a turn at bat, they couldn’t gain an inch.  White got a beautiful double, but got stranded out on second after a few caught pop-ups. Now, the score crept up to 11-7, North Hills in the lead.

In the third inning, Wetmore stopped a tough grounder at short, throwing it to White at third for the out.  Yanchak stopped a powerful line drive up the middle for the second out, but soon after, two more runs snuck in.  Evie Wiethrorn (sophomore) ended the inning by chucking the ball from left to third for White to make the tagout and end the first half.  With NA’s turn up at bat, Marangoni got it started with a single, followed by a double to deep left center by Klinefelter. Yanchack got out on the fly, but earned an RBI as Marangoni came home. Meg Patterson (junior) hit a double, bringing in one more run.  Unfortunately, the Tigers were still trailing, 13-9.

In the top of the fourth, Wetmore stopped a line drive, and Yanchak stopped a grounder, getting the out at first with Marangoni.  Two more runs came in before Wiethorn ended the inning with a flyout in left. No runs were scored by the Tigers in the bottom of the fourth.

In the top of the fifth, Yanchak sprinted,  almost into the dugout, to catch a foul ball for the out.  Wetmore stopped the Indians from scoring by stopping two more grounders at short, tossing both to Quinlan at second for the outs.  Again, NA remained scoreless at the bottom of the inning.

In the top of the sixth, North Hills, again, pounded the ball, and the Tigers eventually let in six more runs.  Laswell caught one fly in right, and Wiethorn snagged the other two outs in left. The game ended, 21-9, North Hills.

Game two started with some hope, but the Tigers remained scoreless at the top of the first.  At the bottom of the first, North Hills got three runs before Quinlan stopped a grounder for the out at first to Marangoni, and Klinefelter and White snagged flyouts in the outfield.

At the top of the second, Klinefelter smacked a strong line drive, earning a single, followed by a deep left field triple by Wiethorn.  Yanchak earned another RBI on her flyout. In the bottom of the second, Quinlan and Wetmore both caught pop-ups, and Wetmore ended the inning with stopping a tough grounder, making the out at second.

In the top of the third, the bats came alive when Crean got things started with a single.  Quinlan and Birch both followed with doubles. Wetmore ended the inning with a strong triple.  The Tigers winning 4-3, knew they had to keep their focus and play tight. One run got by the Tigers to tie it up, but Wetmore ran deep behind third for a running flyout, then made the second out stopping a grounder and throwing to Laswell at third. The inning ended with Birch catching a dramatic fly on the run.

In the top of the fourth, NA couldn’t catch a break, but the same could not be said for North Hills.  Earning six runs that inning, the Tigers were struggling. Eventually, Quinlan stopped a grounder for the out at first with Marangoni, and Klinefelter and Birch both caught flyouts in the outfield.  NA was now trailing, 10-4, heading into the top of the fourth.

First up at bat, Crean got walked, then advanced to third when Quinlan hit a double.  After two more walks, the Tigers earned one run, but, unfortunately, that wasn’t enough as they headed into the bottom of the fifth.  North Hills ran in four more runs, cutting the game short, and the Tigers fell to the Indians, 14-4.