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Current Topics


The following links provide information on current topics that are relevant in sports medicine.  The purpose of this information is to educate parents and athletes on injury prevention and


Lecture Series

Several times throughout the school year, our staff organizes lectures on current topics.  This allows parents the opportunity to learn and discuss related issues with our staff and the presenters.  Please visit our Calendar section for upcoming dates in the lecture series.



UPMC 2011 Winter Newsletter

In this edition of UPMC's e-newsletter, topics such include unhealthy eating behaviors, staying warm in cold weather events, basketball injuries, dance injuries, and goal setting.



NFHS Concussion Rule Change
The National Federation of State High School Associations recently revised their rule on concussions. This change allows officials to remove an athlete from competition if they suspect that athlete has sustained a concussion. While this athlete must still be evaluated
by their athletic trainer and begin the concussion management process, only a physician may clear them to return to play that day.

NATA Position Statement: Management of Sports Related Concussion
The National Athletic Trainersí Associated released an official position statement regarding concussion management. Parents are encouraged to become familiar with this protocol, as it guides concussion management for our student-athletes at North Allegheny.




Performance Enhancement Drugs and Dietary Supplements
The National Center for Drug Free Sport provides many resources for parents regarding the use of performance enhancement drugs as well as dietary supplements. Their mission is to
prevent drug abuse in athletics.

NATA Official Statement: Steroids and Performance Enhancing Substances

The National Athletic Trainersí Association has released an official statement regarding the use of steroids and performance enhancing substances. Please follow the link to learn more about this issues related to this topic.


NWCA Skin Infection Resources
The National Wrestling Coaches Association provides excellent information and resources regarding not only weight management in wrestling, but also on preventing skin infection. Please follow this link for more resources on preventing skin infection.

NATA: Skin Disease

NATA: Community-Acquired MRSA
The National Athletic Trainersí Association also has position statements and official statements regarding skin disease and infection. Please follow the links above to learn more about skin disease and community-acquired MRSA.


NATA: Exertional Heat Illness

NATA: Fluid Replacement

NATA: Environmental Cold Injuries

NATA: Youth Football and Heat Related Illness
The National Athletic Trainersí Association has published statements on environmental related injuries
and fluid replacement. Please read these statements to learn about prevention and management of
such injuries.


NATA: Disordered Eating
The National Athletic Trainersí Associationís position statement on disordered eating is a great resource
for parents and student athletes, as it provides information on how to prevent, detect, and manage such


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