North Allegheny Unified Boosters Organization

ImPACT Testing

Neck Strength & Concussion Prevention

In addition to a pre-season physical exam, student athletes in grades 7, 9, and 11, or those who are in grades 8, 10, or 12, and have not taken one the previous year, are required to take a baseline ImPACT test before tryouts.  Baseline testing is done at NASH under the supervision of our athletic training staff.  We offer several days of testing before each season.  The dates can be found on the NA Sports Network page.  Student athletes who have not completed a baseline test are not eligible to tryout.

ImPACT is a computerized test that assesses neurocognitive function.  We use this system as a tool when at athlete sustains a concussion by comparing their post-injury performance to their baseline test.  Although it is not a substitute for clinical evaluation and physician recommendations, it is very useful in providing us with additional information on athletes’ neurocognitive function and any deficits that may be a result of concussion.  The neuropsychologists who developed this testing are consulted on every case for interpretation of test results.

At North Allegheny, we take concussion management very seriously and have some of the best resources available to ensure the highest level of comprehensive care for our student-athletes who have sustained a concussion.  Please visit the ImPACT Testing website for more information on the test, FAQ’s, concessions (including recovery and post-concussion syndrome), and current research. For additional information concussions, click here.