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Tiger Costume

After reading all instructions carefully, please complete the Tigers Costume Request Form

To get forms and schedule a time slot, contact the Athletic Director’s Office at 724-934-7238 or click on Tiger Costume Request Form above.

Have fun!

Before Performances

* When transporting the tiger, make sure that tiger head case is securely fastened so that it will not move.  Failure to do this may result in the loss of teeth or dents in the head.

* Suggested undergarments: 1.  T-shirt 2.  Shorts

*To put the suit on: 1.  Find an area where there are no children. 2.  Have your hair tied up. 3.  Before stepping into the costume, take off your shoes. 4.  Put the Tiger feet on over your shoes and snap in the back. 5.  Put the tiger hands on. 6.  Put the tiger head on.

During Performances

*  You will discover that your vision is limited.  Stick close to your chaperone for your safety as well as the people surrounding you. *  Your chaperone must be alert at all times to prevent a collision with small children and to prevent older children from damaging the costume and pulling the tiger’s tail (it will come off). *  The head should be on at all times.  (If you need to remove the head, find a place where you are not visible to children.) *  Tigers do not talk. *  Remember, some small children do believe you are a real tiger.  Your name is “Tiger”, you cannot talk, and you should be addressed by your chaperone as “Tiger”. *  The questions that your chaperone should be prepared to answer are:

1.  Are you a boy or a girl?

ANSWER: Tigers have genders – tell them the truth.

2.  What is your name?

ANSWER:  Your name is the NA Tiger.

3.  Who are you really?

ANSWER:  You are a real tiger.

*  Constant motion and activity always make for a good tiger.

After Performances

*  One important item of concern is the tiger feet – unsnap feet gently to avoid snaps tearing away from fabric (remember you are responsible for any damage.) *  Turn the suit inside out and spray both it and the head with Lysol (Lysol is provided for your use inside the tiger head case.)  Hang up both suit and head and let air dry overnight before putting back into containers. *  Return to the Athletic Director’s Office the next school day.