Wright Nissan North Allegheny Unified Boosters Organization

Toys for Tigers

Information and Flyer for the 2021 NAUBO’s Toys for Tigers Program

Thank you all for the generous donations to the 2020 NAUBO’s Toys for Tigers Program.  Due to your generosity, we were able to provide gifts for 100 North Allegheny students whose families were not able to financially afford gifts for their kids this year.

Your support for this worthwhile program is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your donations and support:

v  Booster Groups (14 Groups)

v  Moe’s

v  TPK

v  Ryno Productions

v  Football Linemen (Coach Mike Buchert)

v  Rob Greenleaf’s Class

v  Olivia Scratbis (8th grade Cheerleading)

v  John & Kelsey Gwaltney (Girls Soccer Coach)

v  ATT Sports

v  Jim Turner

v  Jay & Amy West

v  Sara Ricci

v  John & Elaine Posteraro

v  Anonymous

Thanks to the Shoppers:

v  Lisa Altmeyer (Boys Basketball Team)

v  Kris Arnold (Boys Lacrosse Team)

v  Bob Bozzuto (AD’s Office)

v  Christy Bozzuto (AD’s Office)

v  Shelley Bozzuto (AD’s Office)

v  Jen Christy (Boys Basketball Team)

v  Erika Cooper (AD’s Office)

v  Football Linemen (Coach Mike Buchert)

v  Bonnie Genter (UBO)

v  Michelle Leavitt (Swimming/Diving Team & extra students)

v  Peg Lehew (UBO)

v  Tom Kardos (Girls Golf Team)

v  Patti McClure (UBO)

v  Michelle Seaman (Girls Volleyball)

v  Georgiana Thomas(UBO)

v  Carrie Velasquez (Baseball Team)

v  Leslie Watson (Girls Basketball Team