NA Girls’ Come-from-Behind Victory adds a W to the Win Column

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On Friday, the Tigers traveled to Pines Plaza in Ross Township to take on the home team, North Hills Indians.  The Indians and Tigers were once bowling adversaries before the Tigers were moved to the WPIBL North.  Both teams have bowlers that bowl together in several local junior and club leagues.  With this year’s restructuring and the Tigers back in the WPIBL West, these two neighboring foes are battling it out once again for bragging rights.

Leading the NA Girls through Game 1 was Abigail Peigh with a 118 and Senior Julia Jordan’s 103.  NA worked together but their effort wasn’t enough in the end losing Game 1, 483-511.  With the first game being a close battle, the Lady Tigers banded together and constructed a concerted attack in Game 2, outgunning the Indians, 571-478.  Peigh’s 149 was a personal best along with Jordan’s 141.  Joining in on the leaderboard was Junior Sarah Gill with a 118.  With their first win, the NA Girls took no prisoners and grabbed Game 3, 492-420. Peigh rolled the highest series for NA with a 381 total.  This was also a personal best for her.  The Lady Tigers won the match 5-2.

The NA Boys hit the lanes fresh off their victory over Moon.  Like the cogs of a wheel, they worked together from the onset and never gave the Indians a chance to mount an attack.  As he did in the previous match, senior Nate Redondo started the match with a strike, and then quickly added to his pin count with a turkey in frames 3-5.  Also in the 3rd frame, senior Connor Peoples converted the tricky 5-10 split with perfection.  Senior Jacob Feiling added a hambone in frames 5, 6, 7, 8.  Adding to the strike count were junior Luca Thomas with a double in the 7th and 8th frames, and senior Cole Scott, with a turkey in frames 8, 9, and 10.  At the end of Game 1 all five bowlers from NA sat atop the leaderboard. In first place was Redondo (213), followed by Feiling (207), Scott (201) Thomas (171) and Peoples (169).  The Tigers threw their highest game of the season with a 961, besting the Indians by 437 pins.

Cole Scott began the second game much like he ended the first, with 4 strikes in the first 5 frames.  His hambone set the precedent for all the other bowlers to match.  Beyond this, his 1-2-10 spare conversion in the 6th frame was another highlight of his game.  But as the lane conditions began to change, the strikes were few and far between.  Senior Noah Lemmon came into the game and threw double strikes in the 6th and 7th frames.  Substituting in late in the game, Senior Vaughn Katon showed some skilled sharpshooting converting 3 of his 4 spares.  Redondo added a pair of strikes in frames 9 and 10 to finish up the Tigers’ assault.  Scott led NA to a Game 2 victory with his 203.  The second game went to NA 849-647.

The Tigers went back on the hunt in Game 3 with every member contributing to the bounty.  The first to set the table was Redondo with a turkey in frames 4-6. Feiling was next with a turkey in frames 5, 6, and 7. Peoples’ turkey came in the 6th, 7th, and 8th frames.  Scott saved the best for last as he threw a hambone in the 9th and 10th frames with a perfect 4 strikes in a row to end the game.  Thomas contributed to the team’s total by marking in 8 out of his 10 frames of bowling.  The Tigers took Game 3, 918-496, and won the match by a margin of +970 pins.  All 7 match points went to North Allegheny.

The Tigers are back in action on Wednesday facing off against last year’s WPIBL West Boys and Girls Section Champion, the Antelope from Avonworth High School.