Four Tigers Qualify For MSRA Scholastic Honor Roll, One Honorable Mention

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The Midwest Scholastic Rowing Association announced the 2024 MSRA Scholastic Honor Roll Selectees. Of 135 completed applications, representing 29 schools, the North Allegheny Tigers had four athletes qualify for the Honor Roll and one make the Honorable Mention Roll. 

To qualify for this honor, MSRA athletes must have participated in the A-Finals of the MSRA Championship of their 9th, 10th,  or 11th grade year, or, participated at SRAA, US Junior Nationals, or Junior Worlds in their 9th, 10th, or 11th grade years and hold a minimum of 3.6 grade point average (4.0 scale), or equivalent calculated from the first semester of 9th grade through and including the first semester of the 11th grade year. 

The NA Tigers who qualified for the 2024 Honor Roll are Roman Bellisario, Charlee Sunday, Layton Wright, and Katherine Zema, The Tiger’s honorable mention recipient is Coxswain Lauren Keyser.