NA Races Some of Midwest’s Best at Blake Haxton

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The North Allegheny Tigers traveled to Columbus OH for the first of a double header weekend at the Blake Haxton Fall Regatta. The Tigers had the opportunity to race alternate line ups over the course of the weekend and re-test their speed against teams they saw earlier this month. The competition was steep with unquestionably some of the fastest scholastic and club teams in the Midwest in attendance. The Tigers entries nearly all posted their fastest times of the season, both capitalizing on the rate work the team has done recently and proving that to get faster, you have to race fast teams. 

The Mens 1st V8+ started the day posting a 16:25.8 over the 4.8K course and placing 15th, (Miles Rees, Carson Carona, Cooper Lemon, Anthony Bertucci, Josh Dubovecky, Alexander Repinski, Roman Bellisario, Layton Wright & Coxswain Lauren Keyser). Next on the course were a series fo 4+ entires kicked off by the Womens 1st V 4+ who took 17th with a time of 20:22.7 (Alana Boronski, Athena Thomas-Huber, Vanessa Edfors and Boden Sumerlin with Coxswain Evelyn Disque).  The 2nd V4+ crossed in 22:50.3 placing 20th (Emily DiDonato, Alexandra Edfors, Abby Greiner Natalie Helfrick and Coxswain Ava Moore) wrapping up the 4+ entries for the day as the Mens Novice 4+ (Phoenix Core, Maximus Disque, Neil Pore, & AJ Walton Coxswain Mandy Adducci) the crew placed 12th. 

After a hot seat out of the 8+ for 4 of the athletes, the Mens V 2xs raced some for the fisr time this year and finsihsed 9th, 16th, 17th & 26 in a field of 28. (Carson Carona & Cooper Lemon, Anthony Bertucci & Josh Doubouvecky, Christian Sperendeo & Nolan Bunn, and Novices Nik Kshirsagar & Suraj Raina respectivly) 

The Womens 4x’s followed with the A line up taking 6th place, besting Westerville by 18 seconds, a team who had beat the Tigers by .3 earlier in the season (Alexandra Witzel, Sawyer Wright, Katherine Zema, Lorelei Schreiber) The B line up placed 12th in a field of 17 (Emily DiDonato, Alexandra Edfors, Ava Moore, Natalie Helfrick). Both crews posted their fastest times of the season. 

The A 4x line up then hot seated into the Womens 1st V8+ for the crews final race of the season and came down the course in 18:33.3, securing 14th. Their teammates Madison Lambert and Madelyn Rodgers took 6th/ 23 in the W V 2x event, posting their second fastest time of the season in the days rainy tail wind. 

To end the day the Tigers Mens 4x’s also raced for their final time this season. With three entries, the Tigers placed 5th, 12th & the Novice 4x took 16th in a field of 18. (Miles Rees, Josh Dubovecky, Anthony Bertucci, Layton Wright), (Roman Bellisario, Christian Sperandeo, Alexander Repinski, Nolan Bunn) & (Nik Kshirsagar Phoenix Core, Neil Pore & Suraj Raina). 

The Tigers will  line up again on the same course Sunday 10/29 at the Speakmon Memorial Regatta in some of the same, and several alternate line ups to end their Fall Head Race Season.