Tigers Dominate At Pittsburgh Sprints

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The NA Tigers returned to Moraine State Park for Pittsburgh Sprints (City Championships) Saturday after the event was rained out last year. On a hazy day with on-and-off rain, the Tigers had a dominant showing and claimed 28 medals, 12 gold, 10 silver, and 6 bronze across the day’s 32 events.

The day started strong with the men 4xs placing 1st & 3rd, ( Braden Lemon, Zach Stamper, Jackson Stamper, Caleb Sanders) (Miles Rees, Josh Dubovecky, Tony Bertucci, and

Layton Wright) Next down the course next were the girl’s double events in succession, the JV  (Kathy Zema and Lorelei Schreiber), and Lightweight (Mandy Aducci, Abby Berger) both claimed 3rd in their races and the Varsity (Aine Ridenour, Tabo Mkandawire) secured first. The Varsity boys had a tight turnaround from the quads into the singles where Lemon, Rodgers, and Sanders raced and placed 1st, 2nd, and 5th respectively.

The Teams first sweep event of the day was the Girls Novice 4+ (Maddie Rodgers, Alexandra Edfors, Natalie Helfrick Emily DiDonato, and Coxswain Ava Moore) The boat showed big improvement in their race plan from the week before and placed 3rd. The first Middle School event of the day launched at 9:40, on the shortened course the NA Dev Teams men’s and women’s 4+’s took first and second in their first of 2 races for the day.

After hot seating into the equipment, The boy’s novice 4+s A & B lineups took 1st and Second again (Cooper Lemon, Carson Carona, Roman Bellisario, Christian Sperandeo with Coxswain Lucas Pater) & ( JD Petro, Alex Repinski  Finn Iovino, Nolan Bunn with Coxswain Lauren Keyser).  Boys doubles events followed, the JV Line up of Josh Doubouvecky, and Tony Bertucci placing 2nd in a field of 7, Miles Rees and Layton Wright took second in the lightweight event, and the Tigers Varsity A & B entries secured first & second respectively (Caleb Sanders, Braden Lemon) (Zach Stamper, Jackson Rodgers). Aine Ridenour and Tabo Makandawire then placed 1st & second in the Women’s varsity singles in a field of 5.

The Boy’s 8’s raced next, NA’s Varsity 8 raced as an exhibition boat, and the Novices raced up a category against JV 8’s. Ultimately after clashing oars with Mt Lebo, the Tigers finished 1st & Second. (Miles Rees, Caleb Sanders Braden Lemon Josh Doubovecky, Tony Bertucci, Jackson Rodgers, Zach Stamper, Layton Wright Coxswain Evie Disque), (Cooper Lemon, Carson Carona, Roman Bellisario, Alex Repinski, Finn Iovino, Christian Sperandeo, Nolan Bunn, & Coxswain Lucas Pater)

Next down the course were the Girls Varsity 4+ who placed 3rd (Addy Cooper, Boe Sumerlin, MaryKate Griffin Vanessa Edfors Coxswain Lauren Keyser), and taking second place out of 7 was the JV 4+ (Alana Boronski, Sawyer Wright, Athena Huber, Kathy Zema Coxswain Evie Disque) The girl’s Varsity 8+ took second to Fox Chapel (Addy Cooper, Boe Sumerlin, MaryKate Griffin, Vanessa Edfors, Madison Lambert, Jordan Quatchak, Mandy Adduci, Abby Berger, with Coxswain Lauren Keyser).

The Novices got their chance to race in the only available Novice 2x events of the season, Cooper Lemon & Carson Carona secured 1st place for the boys, and Maddie Rodgers & Emily DiDonato did the same for the girls.

To wrap the day for the High School squad the Girls 4x’s claimed 1st and 5th respectively. (Tabo Makandawier, Sawyer Wright, Lorelei Schreiber Aine Rideour) (Addy Cooper, MaryKate Griffin, Boe Sumerlin, Jordan Quatchak)

The final event of the day was the Middle School 8+ again on a shortened course, the Tigers took an early lead and won the event by open water. (Nik Kshirsagar, Chloe Bayer, Grayce Witlach, Matthew Collins, Max Disque, Greta Edfros, Emma Cocoa, Tai, and Coxswain Ava Moore).