Tigers Dominate At Pittsburgh Scholastic Sprints

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The NA Tigers made a dominant showing against local competition at Pittsburgh Scholastic Sprints on Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park on Saturday. Of the 25 events rowed through the day, the Tigers entered 17 and medaled in all of them, taking home 22 medals: 11 gold, 8 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. 

The day had a slight delay due to lightning about an hour into racing but picked up again with a friendly tailwind for the remainder of the day. 

The Tigers were thrilled to welcome families, alumni and friends to race day and to compete against 8 local rowing teams. Next up the team heads to Kensington MI again to race at Midwests and is hoping to qualify from there with scholastic nationals bids. 

Results & Line-Ups

Men’s Jr 4x 1st & 2nd & 3rd 

A 5:12.28 Miles Rees, Anthony Bertucci, Carson Carona & Layton Wright

B 5:25 .99 Cooper Lemon, Alex Repinski, Roman Bellisario & Christian Sperendeo

C 5:58.06 (Novices) Nik Neil Pore Phoenix Core & Max Disque

Women’s Jr 2x 1st & 2nd 

A 5:53 Kathy Zema &Alex Witzel

B 6:08 Madison Lambert & Charlee Sunday

Women’s V 2x 1st 

no times collected Sawyer Wright & Lorelei Schreiber

Middle School 8+ 1st 

3:57.0 Coxswain Abby Berger, Jamie Hamed, Greta Edfors, Ethan Munrick  

Nils Arteel Tai Luangkesorn Xavier Milazzo & Emma Coca 

& Corrado Salvatore 

Men’s Novice 4+ 2nd

6:08.52 Cox Mandy Aducci Suraj Grady Stoll, AJ Walton & Daniel Choi 

Men’s Jr 2x 1st & 2nd

A 5:42.0 Miles Rees & Tony Bertucci

B 5:43.26 Carson Carona & Layton Wright

Women’s V 1x 3rd

7:01.3 (1.46 sec behind 2nd place) Madison Lambert

Women’s V4+ 1st 

5:44.6 Cox- Evie Disque, Boe Sumerline, Sawyer Wright, Alex Witzel & Lorelei Schreiber

Men’s  V4+ 2nd 

5:19.68 Cox- Lauren Keyser, Miles Rees, Tony Bertucci, Alex Repinski & Finn Iovino

Men’s Novice 8+ 1st

5:41 Cox – Abby Berger, Nik Kshirsagar, Neil Pore, Phoenix Core, Max Disque, Suraj Raina, Grady Stoll, AJ Walton & Daniel Choi

Women’s Jr 4+ 3rd

6:41 Cox – Evie Disqu, Boe Sumerline, Natalie Helfrich, Alexandra Edfors  & Maddie Rodgers

Men’s V 8+ 1st

5:09.91 Cox- Lauren Keyser, Cooper Lemon, Carson Carona, & Alex Repinski 

Roman Bellisario, Christia Sperandeo, Nolan Bunn ,Finn Iovino & Layton Wright

Women’s Novice 2x 2nd 

7:48 Jocelyn Munroe & Abby Griener

Men’s Novice 2x 2nd

6:13.14 Nik Kshirsagar & Suraj Raina

Women’s Jr 4x 1st & 2nd

A 5:48 Boe Sumerlin, Alexandra Edfors, Madison Lambert & Charlee Sunday

B 5:53 Emily DiDonato, Natalie Helffrich, Maddie Rodgers & Ava Moore

Women’s Varsity 4x 1st 

5:26  Kathy Zema, Alex Witzel, Sawyer Wright, Lorelei Schreiber

Middle School 4+ 1st

4:08.39 cox Cox- Tai Luangkesorn, Jamie Hamed, Xavier Milazzo, Ethan Murick & Emma Cocoa