Championship Bid Falls Short In WPISL Quarterfinals

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by Slow-Pitch Softball Contributor

The North Allegheny Tigers Varsity Slow Pitch Softball Team fell short during the quarter final round of the WPISL playoffs, losing to Plum 3-1. The Tigers had a bye in the first round of playoffs, which took place in Mt. Lebanon on Saturday. 

In the first inning, sophomore Claudia Kushon caught a fly ball at 2nd, senior Reilly Spitz caught a pop up, and junior Mady Daugherty caught a fly ball in center field. On offense, Kushon had a double and Spitz had a single, but the inning ended with a score of 0-0.

In the second inning, Mady Daugherty and freshman Amara Daugherty caught fly balls for oust, and Spitz had an out to junior Emily Marangoni on first. On offense, seniors Keala Glaser, Jayna Cole, and junior Hannah Anderson had singles. Senior Addie Lee singled and had an RBI. The score is now 1-0 Tigers. 

In the third inning, Glaser, Amara Daugherty, and Mady Daugherty caught fly balls, holding Plum scoreless again. On offense, Kushon and Mady Daugherty had singles, but no runs were scored for the TIgers.

In the fourth inning, Mady Daugherty caught a fly ball, Spitz stopped a grounder and threw to Marangoni for an out, and Sobehart stopped a line drive and threw to Marangoni for an out at first. On offense, the Tigers saw singles from Glaser, Cole, Marangoni, and Anderson, but the score remained unchanged.

The fifth inning had Glaser catching a pop up at 3rd, Kushon making an out at 2nd, and Amara Daugherty catching a fly ball. However, the Mustangs managed to bring in a run, tying the score at 1-1. On offense, junior Ella Mitchell and Kushon had singles, but the Tigers did not score.

The sixth inning saw another 3 up 3 down situation with Amara Daugherty and Spitz catching fly balls, and Sobehart to Marangoni for the final out. The Tigers were unable to extend their lead in the bottom of the sixth.

The score remained tied after seven innings, with Spitz to Marangoni for an out, Mady Daugherty catching a fly ball, and Spitz to Marangoni for an out. In the bottom of the 7th, sophomore Olivia Klaich had a single and freshman Lily Daugherty had a single. Anderson and Lee also had singles, but the game ended regulation in a tie.

In the 8th inning, the Mustangs were able to score 2 runs, making the score 3-1. Amara Daugherty caught a fly ball. Marangoni had an out at first, and Kushon had an out at second. In the bottom of the 8th, Spitz had a double to left field, but the Tigers were unable to score, and the Mustangs advanced to the semi-finals.

The Tigers did not ever give up, and their defense was solid and showed teamwork, effort, and dedication. They outhit the Mustangs 13-9. They have so much to be proud of. Congratulations to the team on being regular season champions and for winning the WPISL Offensive Team of the Season.