NA Splits Twin Bill With Mt. Lebanon

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by Slow-Pitch Contributor

In Week 2, the North Allegheny Varsity Slow-Pitch Softball Team split with the Mt Lebanon Blue Devils at home at Marshall Middle School. The Tigers’ record is now 4-2. 

Game 1 showed that the NA Slow-Pitch Softball team is a force to be reckoned with. The Tigers emerged victorious with a score of 12-2 after five innings, invoking the 10-run rule and ending the game after only 5 innings.

Game 1 began with Mt Lebanon at bat and North Allegheny on defense. Emily Sobehart (junior) took the pitcher’s mound for North Allegheny, and the Tigers’ defense came through with a quick out at first base, thanks to Reilly Spitz‘s (senior) play to Emily Marangoni (junior) on first. Jayna Cole (senior) displayed great fielding with a catch in center field, and Mady Daugherty (junior) followed suit with a fine catch in right-center. This strong defense kept Mt Lebanon from scoring.

When North Allegheny had their turn at bat in the bottom of the first inning, Sobehart led the way with a single, setting the tone for the Tigers’ offense. Claudia Kushon (sophomore) stepped up and delivered a triple, driving in a run, and Spitz added to the scoring with a line drive single that produced an RBI. Keala Glaser (senior)  then contributed a line drive single, and Mady Daugherty’s single resulted in another RBI. Amara Daugherty (freshman) kept the momentum going with a line drive single, and the Tigers ended the inning with a 3-0 lead.

In the top of the second inning, Mt Lebanon managed to score a run, narrowing the gap to 3-1, but North Allegheny’s defense remained strong, with Mady Daugherty making two outs, and Spitz catching a pop up. In the bottom half of the second inning, despite singles by Marangoni, Ella Mitchell (junior), and Sobehart, North Allegheny couldn’t add to their lead, and the score remained 3-1.

In the top of the third inning, Mt Lebanon scored another run, making it a 3-2 game, but North Allegheny’s defense continued to make key plays to limit the damage. Cole made a nice grab in center field, and Spitz made two outs at shortstop. 

In the bottom half of the third inning, North Allegheny’s offense exploded. Spitz started the inning with a triple, and Glaser followed with a double, earning an RBI. Mady Daugherty contributed a single, and Cole doubled on an error, adding another run. Amara Daugherty hit a double to further extend the lead. North Allegheny kept piling on the runs with Addie Lee’s (senior)  &  Marangoni’s singles. Mitchell walked, loading the bases, and Sobehart’s single secured another RBI. Kushon and Spitz each contributed singles, adding more RBIs. At the end of this incredible inning, North Allegheny now held a commanding 11-2 lead.

During the fourth inning, North Allegheny’s defense continued to shine, with Spitz executing a crucial play, getting the lead runner out at 3rd. Sobehart caught a pop-up at the pitcher’s mound, and Cole made another catch in center field. The score remained 11-2 in favor of North Allegheny. Offensively, Mady Daugherty started off with a double, followed by a single by Cole, however, the Tigers didn’t score any runs.

In the top of the fifth inning, Marangoni grabbed a ball for an out at 1st base, and Spitz assisted with an out at 1st as well. Sobehart ended the inning by catching a pop-up, holding the Blue Devils scoreless again. North Allegheny continued to lead comfortably at 11-2.

Mitchell started the first inning with a single,  and Kushon’s triple allowed her to score. This ended the game early with a 12-2 victory for North Allegheny. The game showcased North Allegheny’s strong offense and solid defense, leading them to a decisive victory in Game 1 of the doubleheader.

In Game 2, the competition remained fierce, with Mt Lebanon ultimately securing a 15-11 victory. 

North Allegheny took to the plate first, and they came out swinging. Emily Sobehart (junior)  led off with a single to right field, followed by Claudia Kushon (sophomore) with another single. Reilly Spitz (senior)  stepped up and delivered a hit to right field, resulting in two runs scoring. Mady Daugherty (junior) added to the offensive push with a hard-hit grounder, resulting in a single. Jayna Cole (senior) kept the momentum going with another single, and North Allegheny jumped out to an early 2-0 lead.

In the bottom half of the inning, Mt Lebanon responded with a strong offensive performance. Spitz, Sobehart, and Emily Marangoni (junior) caught pop ups, but Mt. Lebanon managed to score four runs. 

In the top of the second inning, North Allegheny couldn’t add to their lead. North Allegheny’s defense came through with Spitz and Kushon throwing outs to Sobehart at 1st, and a running grab by Spitz for the final out, maintaining the score at 4-2 in favor of Mt Lebanon.

In the top of the third inning, North Allegheny’s offense roared back to life. Marangoni led off with a single, followed by a single by Ella Mitchell (junior). Kushon’s single brought in a run, and Keala Glaser’s (senior) line drive to right-center resulted in a double and two RBIs, putting North Allegheny in the lead. Mady Daugherty added to the lead with a double and an RBI, and Cole continued the offensive barrage with a single. By the end of the inning, North Allegheny had taken a 6-4 lead.

Mt Lebanon’s offense responded, scoring three runs to retake the lead at 7-6. North Allegheny’s defense made key plays, including a throw from Sobehart to Glaser for an out at third, and a pop up caught by Kushon at second base.

In the fourth inning, Marangoni’s line drive single offered a glimmer of hope, and Mitchell followed with another single. Sobehart’s single brought in a crucial run to tie the game. In the bottom half of the inning, Spitz and Kushon made outs at second, and Glaser made a fantastic grab for the third out. The game remained tied at 7-7.

In the fifth inning, Glaser’s homerun put North Allegheny back in the lead at 8-7. North Allegheny led 8-7. However, Mt Lebanon surged ahead, scoring additional runs to make it 11-8. North Allegheny’s defense made a few plays, with Mady Daugherty making a catch at right center, Sobehart catching a pop up at pitcher, and Kushon to Glaser for the final out at third. 

In the sixth inning, the Tigers scored no runs, while Mt Lebanon continued to add to their lead, going up 15-8. North Allegheny’s defense made an effort, with outs made by Marangoni, Sobehart / Glaser, and Cole, but Mt Lebanon’s offense was too strong.

In the top of the seventh inning, North Allegheny made a late push, with Spitz and Glaser each hitting triples and driving in runs. Mady Daugherty added a single and an RBI, and Cole drew a walk. Despite the determination of the Tigers team, they fell short, and the game concluded with a final score of 15-11 in favor of Mt Lebanon.

The Tigers travel to Baldwin next Sunday, September 24 at 1 & 3 pm.