NA Sweeps Hempfield in Season Opener

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by Slow-Pitch Softball Contributor

In the home opener of the 2023-2024 Varsity Slow-Pitch Softball season, the North Allegheny Tigers started their season strong with a face off against the Hempfield Spartans. 

In Game 1 of the double-header, Emily Sobehart (junior) was on the pitcher’s mound, and Reilly Spitz (senior) made a crucial grab at shortstop for the third out. On offense, Spitz started with a line drive for a single, followed by Anna Kovacic (sophomore) and Keala Glaser (senior) hitting singles that resulted in RBIs. Jayna Cole (senior) also contributed with a single RBI. The first inning ended with the score 3-0 NA.

In the second inning, Spitz managed a double play, and Emily Marangoni (junior) tagged out a runner at first. In the bottom of the inning, Marangoni hit a single and Sobehart was walked. With two runners on base, Claudia Kushon (sophomore) brought them home with a double. The Tigers now lead 5-2.

In the third inning, NA’s defense continued to shine, with Kushon and Spitz throwing to Marangoni on first for two outs, and Glaser catching a pop-up at third base. On offense, Mady Daugherty (junior) and Kovacic both hit singles, maintaining NA’s 5-2 lead.

The fourth inning saw Spitz catching a fly ball at shortstop, and Ella Mitchell (junior) making a catch in left field for NA’s defense. On the offensive side, Sobehart had an RBI.  Hannah Anderson’s (junior) double and Jordan Phillips‘ (freshman) single contributed to another run, extending the lead to 6-2.

The fifth inning featured a triple by Daugherty and a single RBI by Glaser, increasing NA’s lead to 7-2. In the sixth inning, NA’s defense continued to impress, with Glaser involved in multiple plays.

The seventh inning brought some tension as Hempfield managed to score 3 runs, threatening a comeback. However, NA’s defense held strong with Cole making two outstanding catches to secure the victory for the North Allegheny Tigers. The final score of game 1 was 7-5 in favor of NA. Congratulations to junior Emily Sobehart for being named the Wright Automotive Player of the Game in Game 1.

In Game 2, Emily Marangoni (junior) took over the role of pitcher. The game showcased strong performances on both offense and defense by the Tigers, leading to a decisive victory.

The first inning began with the Tigers at the plate. Emily Sobehart (junior) started with a line drive single to center field, and Claudia Kushon (sophomore) followed with a single. The Tiger defense stepped up as Jayna Cole (senior) caught a fly ball, and Mady Daugherty (junior) made an excellent catch over her shoulder at the fence in right-center. Ella Mitchell (junior) also contributed with a catch in left field, and the first inning ended scoreless.

In the second inning, NA’s offense came alive. Anna Kovacic (sophomore) hit a single to right field, and Keala Glaser (senior)  followed with a triple that resulted in an RBI. Jayna Cole also added an RBI. Hannah Anderson (junior) hit a double. On the defensive side, Kushon executed a double play, and Marangoni struck out a batter for the third out. NA led 2-1 after the second inning.

The third inning continued to be fruitful for NA. Jordan Phillips (freshman) hit a single, Sobehart walked, and Reilly Spitz (senior) hit a triple that brought in the two runners. Daugherty, Glaser and Cole hit singles that resulted in RBIs, and Mitchell added an RBI to extend the lead to 8-1. NA’s defense remained solid, with Spitz executing a double play, tagging a runner heading to third and throwing to Kushon at second.

In the fourth inning, Marangoni led off with a line drive single to center field, Sobehart hit a line drive to right field for a double, and Kushon added an RBI. Spitz’s triple to right field also brought in an RBI. On the defensive side, Cole made a catch in right-center, and Kushon to Sobehart at first resulted in two outs. Hempfield managed to score 2 runs, but NA still held a commanding 10-3 lead.

The fifth inning saw NA’s offense continuing to dominate. Kovacic hit a single, followed by the first home run of the season for the Tigers, hit by senior Keala Glaser to bring in 2 runs.Cole was walked, Mitchell hit a single, and Anderson’s double added another RBI. Phillips also contributed with another RBI. NA’s defense held strong, with Daugherty making a catch and Marangoni stopping a ball and throwing to Sobehart for the final out.

The game ended early due to the 10-run rule, with North Allegheny securing a convincing 14-3 victory. It was a strong performance by both the offense and defense, leading to a successful outcome for NA in the second game of the doubleheader. Congratulations to senior Keala Glaser for being named the Wright Automotive Player of the Game in Game 2. 

The next double-header for the Varsity Tigers will be on Sunday, September 10 at Montour High School.