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By Donna Hudson

Thirteen Western Pennsylvania high school rowing teams converged on Marshall Middle School for the 6th Annual North Allegheny Indoor Rowing High School Championships on Saturday, March 5.  In total, 260 young athletes took part in the simulated 2000-meter rowing races, which set a new record for the event.

NA’s own Tiger Rowers brought home a total of 21 medals – 6 gold, 6 silver and 9 bronze.  They also captured 11 other 4th through 6th place finishes.  Leandra Chisholm set a new NA novice women’s record with a time of 7:32.4 minutes.

The top 6 finishers in each event earned points toward team trophies.  NA took the trophy for top men’s team with a score of 102 to Fox Chapel’s 83.  Fox Chapel bested the NA women by only 3 points to take the top women’s team trophy 91 to 88.  NA’s combined results earned them the top total team trophy.

NASH medal winners were Sean Barunas, Patrick Burdick, Greg Domville, Dan Huber, Brittney Kelly, Liz Rebhun and Lara Seltz.  

NAI medal winners were Leandra Chisholm, Erin Dauson, Jenny Hudson, Kathleen Janosco, Jessica Kelly, Brian Marcus, Steven Marcus, Keegan McKinney, Dan McQuiston, Mark Nolfi, Adam Reckless, Taylor Span, Josh Weis and Katie Zemel.

The Tigers will take to the water for their first spring race on April 16 at the Lake Mercer Super Sprints in Princeton, New Jersey.

For more information about the NA Rowing program, see their official team website at www.narowing.org.

Full results:

1st Place

Girls’ Novice – Leandra Chisholm
Girls’ JV – Erin Dauson
Girls’ Varsity – Brittney Kelly
Boys’ Novice Flyweight – Brian Marcus
Boys’ Novice – Adam Reckless
Boys’ JV Lightweight – Steven Marcus

2nd Place

Girls’ Novice – Liz Rebhun
Girls’ Novice Lightweight – Taylor Span
Girls’ JV – Kathleen Janosco
Girls’ Varsity Lightweight – Lara Seltz
Boys’ Varsity Lightweight – Patrick Burdick
Boys’ Varsity – Sean Barunas

3rd Place

Girls’ Novice – Jessica Kelly
Girls’ Novice Lightweight – Jenny Hudson
Girls’ JV Lightweight – Katie Zemel
Boys’ Novice Lightweight – Keegan McKinney
Boys’ Novice – Josh Weis
Boys’ JV Flyweight – Dan McQuiston
Boys’ JV Lightweight – Mark Nolfi
Boys’ Varsity Lightweight – Dan Huber
Boys’ Varsity – Greg Domville

Other Finishes

6th place, Girls’ JV Lightweight – Kim Weaver
4th place, Girls’ JV – Briana Pittman
5th place, Girls’ Varsity – Ali Bogart
6th place, Girls’ Varsity – Sharon Dauson
4th place, Boys’ Novice Flyweight – Zac O’Neill
4th place, Boys’ Novice Lightweight – Logan Ellis
5th place, Boys’ Novice Lightweight – Dan Borzelleca
4th place, Boys’ Novice – Josh Weis
5th place, Boys’ Novice – Alex Smalianchuk
5th place, Boys’ JV Lightweight – Bill Francis
6th place,Boys’ JV Lightweight – Brian Maskrey

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


 by Donna Hudson

Two members of the North Allegheny High School Rowing Team earned top-10 finishes at the 2005 CRASH-B Sprint World Indoor Rowing Championships held February 13 at the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center, Boston, Massachusetts.  NA junior Joe Brendel placed 5th in a field of 165 contenders in the Heavyweight Junior Men’s race with a time of 6:12.40.  Senior Andrew Kaiser, facing 153 challengers, placed 7th in the Lightweight Junior Men’s contest with a time of 6:37.40.  Among US competitors in these events, Brendel placed 2nd and Kaiser 4th.

Brendel and Kaiser’s times qualified them to attend the US Junior National Development Camp held at Harvard University’s boathouse that afternoon.  North Allegheny was the only rowing program to have more than one qualifier at the camp. 

This year’s CRASH-B competition attracted 1500 top rowers from all over the world, including numerous former Olympians and national rowing team members, to compete in simulated 2000 meter rowing races on indoor rowing machines.  Races were held at the junior (high school), open and masters levels for both lightweight and heavyweight men and women. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The NA Rowing Team announced the results of their spring try-outs, which were held February 7-9, 2005.  They welcome new rowers Abby Zambelli, Annie Urish, Josh Weis, and Alan Meininghaus as well as coxswain Hailey Milliken.

The Tiger Rowers will sponsor a Row-a-thon at Ross Park Mall's center court on Saturday, February 19 from noon to 4 pm to benefit the Fishes & Loaves Food Pantry and the North Hills Community Outreach Center.  Competition for the spring season begins on Saturday, March 5 when they host over a dozen area teams in the 6th annual North Allegheny Indoor Rowing High School championships.  That event will be held at Marshall Middle School and admission is free.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NA Rowers Shine at American Heritage Regatta

Sunday, November 7, 2004

by Donna Hudson

The sun was not the only thing shining in Wyandotte, Michigan on Sunday.  NA’s Tiger Rowers turned in a series of race performances that brought them the glint of medals – 3 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze.  The team also captured 2 other top-ten spots to round out a very successful showing against the powerhouse Detroit-area teams at the American Heritage River Fall Classic.

NA’s novice rowers illustrated that the stage is set for a strong future for the team.  All thirteen NA novice women came away with gold medals between their two events and the NA Junior Men’s Novice 8+ took a silver medal.  The NA Men’s Novice 4+, although placing 13th in their open event, were the top high school finishers.

NASH medal winner were Sean Barunas, Ali Bogart, Rory Dahl, Greg Domville, Singen Elliott, Katie Hodnick, Dan Huber, Andrew Kaiser, Ian Levy, Chelsey Nikithser, Brian Maskrey, Liz Rebhun and Kim Weaver.

NAI medal winners were Cyeda Banks, Dan Borzelleca, Chelsea Burchick, Patrick Burdick, A. J. Cadman, Leandra Chisolm, Cherith Elliott, Logan Elllis, Stacey End, Bill Francis, Jimmy Graner, Amanda Hirsch, Jenny Hudson, Katie Jeffries, Jessica Kelly, Olivia Klipa, John Logoyda, Brian Marcus, Steve Marcus. Dan McQuiston, John Milone, Ryan Mohan, Mark Nolfi, Zac O’Neill, Adam Reckless, Elena Reynolds, Alexis Rodefer, Lauren Skoog, Alex Smalianchuk, Taylor Span, Jeremy Tischuk and Katie Zemel.

This regatta concluded the NA Rowing Team’s fall season.  They will be back in action on March 5, 2005 when they host the North Allegheny High School Indoor Rowing Championships at Marshall Middle School.

For more information about the NA Rowing Team, go to their official website at www.narowing.org.

Full results:

First Place

Open Women’s Double – Chelsey Nikithser, Ali Bogart

Lightweight Women’s Eight – Katie Hodnik, Kate Jeffries, Katie Zemel, Alexis Rodefer, Kim Weaver, Cherith Elliott, Jenny Hudson, Stacey End, Chelsea Burchick

Junior Women’s Novice Eight – Elena Reynolds, Olivia Klipa, Lauren Skoog, Leandra Chisolm, Jessica Kelly, Amanda Hirsch, Liz Rebhun, Taylor Span, Cyeda Banks

Second Place

Open Women’s Double – Katie Hodnik, Kim Weaver

Junior Men’s Novice Eight – Jimmy Graner, John Logoyda, Ryan Mohan, Alex Smalianchuk, Adam Reckless, Jeremy Tischuk, Daniel Borzelleca, Zac O’Neill, Logan Ellis

Third Place

Lightweight Men’s Eight – Jimmy Graner, Bill Francis, Pat Burdick, AJ Cadman, Steve Marcus, Brian Marcus, Dan McQuiston, Brian Maskrey, Mark Nolfi

Junior Men’s Eight – John Milone, Singen Elliott, Andrew Kaiser, Greg Domville, Rory Dahl, Joe Brendel, Ian Levy, Dan Huber, Sean Barunas


4th place – Junior Women’s Eight – Elena Reynolds, Brittney Kelly, Sara Whitby, Sharon Dauson, Erin Dauson, Briana Pittman, Kathleen Janosco, Anna Crews, Megan Hudson

6th place – Open Women’s Double – Caitlyn Olsson, Katie Zemel

13th place – Novice Men’s Four – John Milone, Taylor Sandora, Joel MacKay, Tom Dragan, Keegan McKinney

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Medal Winning Performances Anchor Windy Speakmon Regatta

Saturday, October 30, 2004

by Donna Hudson

North Allegheny’s Tiger Rowers traveled to Columbus, Ohio for the Jack Speakmon Memorial Regatta and found themselves fighting the high winds that buffeted the Scioto River as well as the other 46 teams competing at the event.  Although several small-boat and novice races were cancelled due to the weather, both the men’s and women’s teams prevailed in true Tiger style and returned home with a total of 8 medals – 2 gold, 4 silver, and 2 bronze.

Race highlights included an NA medal sweep in the Men’s Open Doubles and medals for both the NA men’s and women’s boats in the hotly contested High School Eights races.

Medal winners from NASH were Sean Barunas, Joe Brendel, Ali Bogart, Patrick Burdick, Rory Dahl, Sharon Dauson, Greg Domville, Singen Elliott, Dan Huber, Megan Hudson, Andrew Kaiser, Brian Krist, Brittney Kelly, Brian Maskrey, Chelsey Nikithser, Lara Seltz, Kim Weaver and Sara Whitby.

Medal winners from NAI were Anna Crews, Erin Dauson, Cherith Elliott, Bill Francis, Kathleen Janosco, Katie Jeffries, Ian Levy, Steve Marcus, Caitlyn Olsson, Briana Pittman, Elena Reynolds and Katie Zemel.

The team will complete their fall competition season at the American Heritage Fall River Classic next Sunday, November 7 in Wyandotte (Detroit), Michigan.

Full Results:

1st Place

Women's Open Quad - Anna Crews, Lara Seltz, Briana Pittman, Kim Weaver

Men's Open Double - Rory Dahl, Singen Elliott

2nd place

Women's Open Quad - Caitlyn Olsson, Kate Jeffries, Cherith Elliott, Katie Zemel

Men's Open Double - Joe Brendel, Sean Barunas
Men's Open Quad - Patrick Burdick, Bill Francis, Steve Marcus, Brian Maskrey

Men's HS Eight - Brian Krist, Singen Elliott, Andrew Kaiser, Greg Domville, Rory Dahl, Joe Brendel, Ian Levy, Dan Huber, Sean Barunas

3rd Place

Women's H.S. Eight - Elena Reynolds, Chelsey Nikithser, Sara Whitby, Brittney Kelly, Erin Dauson, Ali Bogart, Kathleen Janosco, Sharon Dauson, Megan Hudson

Men's Open Double - Greg Domville, Andrew Kaiser


4th Place - Women's Novice Eight - Elena Reynolds, Olivia Klipa, Lauren Skoog, Leandra Chisolm, Jessica Kelly, Amanda Hirsch, Elizabeth Rebhun, Taylor Span, Cyeda Banks

10th Place - Men's HS Novice Four - Jimmy Graner, AJ Cadman, John Logoyda, Dan McQuiston, Mark Nolfi

13th Place - Men's HS Novice Four - John Milone, Taylor Sandora, Brian Marcus, Joel Mackay, Logan Ellis

Not Raced

Women's H.S. Novice Four, Women's Open Double, Men's HS Novice Eight, Men’s Lightweight Single

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Saturday, October 2, 2004

By Donna Hudson

NA’s Tiger Rowers captured four gold medals on Saturday, October 2 at the intensely competitive Head of the Ohio Regatta.  “HOTO”, held on Pittsburgh’s Ohio and Allegheny Rivers, is a major fall rowing race over a 2.8 mile course.  This year’s event attracted over 100 teams from high schools, colleges and clubs representing 14 US states as well as Ontario, Canada. 

The NA women’s team and men’s team each contributed two first place finishes and together had five other top-five finishes to round out a very successful day.  NA’s Women’s High School 8+ defeated 31 other teams in winning their gold medal.

The Tigers will next be in action at the Jack Speakmon Memorial Regatta in Columbus, Ohio on October 30.

Full results:

First Place

Women’s Lightweight 2X – Lara Seltz, Kim Weaver

Women’s High School 8+ - Elena Reynolds, Katie Hodnik, Ali Bogart, Sara Whitby, Chelsey Nikithser, Erin Dauson, Brittney Kelly, Megan Hudson, Sharon Dauson

Men's High School 2X – Singen Elliott, Andrew Kaiser

Men's High School 4X – Rory Dahl, Greg Domville, Joe Brendel, Andrew Kaiser

Fourth Place

Men's Lightweight 2X - Dan Huber, Brian Maskrey

Men's HS 4X - Dan Huber, Ian Levy, Steve Marcus, Patrick Burdick

Fifth Place

Women’s High School 2X – Anna Crews, Katie Zemel

Men's Lightweight 1X - Sean Barunas

Men's HS 4X - Bill Francis, Dan McQuiston, Mark Nolfi, AJ Cadman


18th – Women’s Club 4+ – Elena Reynolds, Caitlyn Olsson, Briana Pittman, Kathleen Janosco, Katie Jeffries

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


September 30, 2004

Three NA rowers were among the 53 athletes nation-wide named to USRowing’s 2004-2005 Scholastic Honor Roll.  Andrew Kaiser was selected as an Honor Roll Recipient, while Sharon Dauson and Megan Hudson were Honorable Mention Honor Roll Recipients.  All three are seniors at NASH.

The USRowing Scholastic Honor Roll recognizes high school seniors who have excelled in both academics and rowing. Applicants must be USRowing members, have rowed or coxed at least one year, and successfully competed at or above the league or regional level.  The USRowing Youth Committee selected the winners based on a numerical ranking of their grades in academic solids, ACT or SAT scores, and class rank.  This is the 14th year of this award.  USRowing is a nonprofit organization recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as the governing body for the sport of rowing in the United States.

The full story can be viewed at USRowing’s web site, http://www.usrowing.org/itemdisplay.asp?id=1461.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The North Allegheny Rowing Team has announced the results of their fall try-outs, held September 8th through 10th.  “We had an outstanding turnout of great young athletes this year,” commented women’s team head coach Don Heckenstaller.  Men’s team head coach Melissa Titus concurred, noting, “We are excited to have recruited such a promising group of novice rowers and look forward to a terrific fall race season."

The women’s team is pleased to welcome the following new rowers:

Cyeda Banks, Chelsea Burchick, Leandra Chisolm, Cherith Elliott, Stacy End, Amanda Hirsch, Jenny Hudson, Jessica Kelly, Olivia Klipa, Elizabeth Rebhun, Alexis Rodefer, Lauren Skoog and Taylor Span.

Joining the men’s team are:

Ali Ayyash, Daniel Borzelleca, Tom Dragun, Logan Ellis, Jimmy Graner, John Logoyda, Joel Mackay, Brian Marcus, Keegan McKinney, John Milone, Ryan Mohan, Zac O’Neill, Adam Reckless, Taylor Sandora, Alex Smalianchuk and Jeremy Tischuk.

Look for the Tiger Rowers in their first fall race on Saturday, October 2nd when they compete in the Head of the Ohio at Point State Park, downtown Pittsburgh.

For the full race schedule and other information about the team, check out their web site at www.narowing.org.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


July 21-25, 2004

by Donna Hudson

Members of the North Allegheny men’s rowing team captured three medals at the highly-competitive US Rowing National Championships held July 21 – 25, 2004 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Singen Elliott brought home a silver medal in the Men’s Junior B Singles.  In the Men’s Junior A Quad event, Joe Brendel, Andrew Kaiser, Rory Dahl and Greg Domville seized the bronze medal, while teammates Brian Krist, Ian Levy, AJ Cadman and Steve Marcus did the same in the Men’s Junior B Quad event.

All of NA’s competing rowers were participants in the men’s team optional summer sculling program.  Full team racing will resume in the fall, beginning with the Head of the Ohio Regatta in downtown Pittsburgh on Saturday, October 2, 2004.



Any questions or comments should be directed to Athletic Director Bob Bozzuto at:  bbozzuto@northallegheny.org


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