General Boys Soccer Information

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The Tigers will compete again in the WPIAL Class AAA along with 34 other teams.  The top three teams and ties that CANNOT be broken will enter the WPIAL tournament.  All playoff entries will be determined by section record only and will be determined by the following method:  Three points for a win, one point for a tie.  Teams that tie for first place will not have the tie broken and each will be declared champions and receive a section winner’s plaque.  Those teams will enter the tournament;  and if the teams tied for first place equal the maximum for sectional qualification, NO OTHER TEAMS WILL BE ENTERED INTO THE TOURNAMENT.  In the event of a tie for second, third or in some cases fourth place, the Tie Breaker System will be employed.  If a tie persists, head-to-head competiton will determine the qualifier.  In the event of a multiple tie, the following tie breaker will be employed:

1.  Section records of the tied teams will be compiled. 2.  The team that has the best won/loss record in head-to-head competition among the tied teams only will be the qualifier. 3.  If the tie cannot clearly be broken, all tied teams will enter the tournament.

Teams that qualify for the tournament should be aware that they may be placed in a preliminary round and may be assigned to play the weekend prior to the first round of the tournament.

Each game will consist of two equal halves of 40 minutes each.  Regular season game overtimes shall be resolved by playing no more than two “sudden victory” overtime periods not to exceed ten minutes each.  If a tie persists at that point, the game is over and is recorded as a tie.  In post-season play, the procedure to determine a game winner will be the state adopted method of the National Federation Soccer Rules Book.

PIAA Qualifiers – only two teams qualify, the WPIAL Champion and runner-up.

Players and coaches who receive hard red cards and are disqualified from any game by the game official will not be permitted to participate in the next scheduled game played by their team at the same level of competition. Repeated red card offenders will be subjected to more severe penalties. It is strongly recommended that any ejected coach or player be required to report to the athletic director and/or the principal the next morning. The Principal and or Athletic Director is reminded of the importance of completing and returning ASAP the required PIAA ejection response form.

The PIAA Board of Directors has adopted a rule for ALL LEVELS OF SOCCER for the 2011-2012 school year that REQUIRES “that a player who receives a yellow card sit out a mandatory period of five (5) minutes as indicated on the soccer game clock”.

The PIAA has established a Mercy Rule effective for the 2012 – 2013 soccer season that provides for a RUNNING CLOCK once a team gains a seven (goal) advantage over their opponent.


Boys & Girls PIAA qualifiers – In AAA, AA & A will qualify three (3) teams in BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS will advance to the PIAA tournament. The WPIAL champion, and the runner-up will advance in all three (3) classes as well as the winner in each of the third-place consolation games.