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Baseball Tigers in MLB Draft

History of Tigers in the MLB Draft

Cole Young2022SS1 Seattle
James Meeker*#2021RHPUFAMilwaukee
Eric Dorsch2014RHP15Pittsburgh
Eric Dorsch2013RHP21Cincinnati (Did Not Sign)
Josh Hungerman2009LHP17Colorado
Josh Hungerman2008LHP50Colorado (Did Not Sign)
Andrew Dobies2004LHP3Boston
Mike Butia2004OF5Cleveland
Cory Sullivan*2001OF7Colorado
Chris Cooper2001LHP35Cleveland
Justin Ross1998OF16Anaheim
Scott Schroeffel1996RHP15Colorado
Paul Failla1994SS3California
Kevin McCarthy1994OF4NY Mets
Scott Schroeffel1992RHP33Baltimore (Did Not Sign)
Paul Failla1991SS7Kansas City (Did Not Sign)
Ken Baurle1988RHP58Pittsburgh
Todd Davidson1981OF2Pittsburgh
Todd Davidson1979OF17NY Mets (Did Not Sign)
Tom Carroll*1970RHP6Cincinnati
* = reached majors
# = was not drafted